The Best Wild Rift Duos for Dragon Lane


Wild Rift Best Duo in Dragon Lane

The Dragon Lane has always been a popular pick for many Wild Rift players. It’s where most of the action takes place, especially in the early game. So who wouldn’t want to get a piece of that action? If you’re one of the many players who like to make a run for the Dragon Lane but aren’t sure who’s the best champion to use, then this guide is perfect for you. We’ve done the hard work for you and found the best Wild Rift pairings for the Dragon Lane that will help you dominate the game!

Magic Barrage: Miss Fortune and Seraphine

Miss Fortune Wild Rift

Our first duo is the crowd-control powerhouse of Miss Fortune and Seraphine. Both are decent solo laners, but they really shine when they’re playing together. Miss Fortune’s range attacks can be quite a nuisance for the enemy team. Her Double Up skill can uniquely bypass minions and deal insane damage to the champions behind. If paired with Seraphine’s ranged abilities like High Note, it can be quite a headache to deal with. But what makes them an excellent duo for the Dragon Lane is their CC combos.

Seraphine’s Beat Drop ability deals magic damage to enemies and slows them down. However, there’s more to her skill than that. If the enemy hit by Beat Drop is already slowed, they are rooted instead. To take it even further, when the enemy is already rooted, they get stunned. This can be a deadly combination since Miss Fortune’s Make It Rain ability can slow enemies through a barrage of bullets. Any enemy caught in that combo will have a hard time getting out alive.

Frostlight Assault: Ashe and Lux

Ashe Wild Rift

Here’s another range attack nightmare you wouldn’t want to be up against–Ashe and Lux. Ashe’s kit is built around her poking abilities, making her quite an annoying opponent in the early game. Her Volley ability can hit multiple enemies and inflict Critical Slow, which can be easily combined with Lux’s Light Binding skill, allowing you to disable your opponents in a flash.

Once both champions reach level five and unlock their ultimate abilities, they can be quite a force to be reckoned with. Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow can be used to initiate fights, while Lux’s Final Spark can be used to finish off enemies from a distance. When these two are played together, they can easily pick off enemies and secure objectives with ease.

Bullet Wave: Jhin and Nami

Nami Wild Rift

Jhin has always been a fan-favourite in the Dragon Lane, as his kit works well with a wide variety of champions and playstyles. What makes Jhin perfect with Nami is because of his range and her buffs. Nami’s Tidecaller’s Blessing imbues additional magic damage to her or her ally’s attacks while granting the ability to slow enemies. 

If you’re a Jhin main, Tidecaller’s Blessing is the perfect buff for you. You can easily follow it up with Deadly Flourish and the rest of your burst attacks. Once you’ve unlocked Curtain Call, Tidecaller’s Blessing applies to every bullet you unleash, making it a truly devastating combination. Nami can also use her ultimate, Tidal Wave, to knock enemies back and give you the perfect opportunity to mop up the fight.

Airborne Destruction: Yasuo and Malphite

Malphite Wild Rift

Yasuo and Malphite can create a powerful and unstoppable duo in the Dragon Lane, giving opponents little to no time to react. Yasuo is known to knock up enemies and deal insane damage with his skills. With Malphite’s ultimate, Unstoppable Force, Yasuo becomes a terrifying force of destruction. Unstoppable Force is capable of knocking up multiple enemies while dealing magic damage, which is the perfect setup for Yasuo’s Last Breath skill.

Malphite also has the ability to shield Yasuo with his Ground Slam, reducing the damage he takes while simultaneously dealing damage to nearby enemies. This gives Yasuo a chance to safely dash in and out of fights. Malphite’s skills, paired with Yasuo’s attacks, are perfect for creating chaos in team fights, allowing your team to easily take control of objectives.

Miss Fortune Wild Rift

There really is no limit to what these devastating duos can bring to any match. With the right combination of champions, you can easily take control of the Dragon Lane and push your enemy back. So, if you want to fight your way to victory with your lane partner, be sure to pick any of these duos!

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