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The Call of Duty franchise has always been at the forefront of showcasing some of the most realistic and powerful weapons in the FPS gaming genre. Call of Duty: Mobile is no exception. As such, one of the most talked about weapons in the game is the Oden assault rifle. Let’s look at the characteristics of this gun and how you can fully utilize it with the best weapon loadout recommendations.

Weapon Overview

Oden Preview Call of Duty Mobile

This powerful assault rifle has an impressively high damage output but is known for its high recoil. The gun’s design is based on the ShAK-12, a real-life automatic battle rifle made in Russia. The Oden shares a lot of the characteristics of its real-world counterpart, including its incredible stopping power. In CODM, the Oden is easily outclassed by other guns, but it’s still considered quite a versatile weapon and can be used to great effect in close to medium-range combat.

Oden Weapon Stats

Oden Weapon Demo Call of Duty Mobile

Without attachments, the Oden assault rifle is a pretty balanced weapon. It’s got great damage and decent range with a pretty average fire rate. Let’s take a closer look at Oden’s weapon statistics:

Attribute Stats
Damage 48
Fire Rate 41
Accuracy 56
Mobility 69
Range 64
Control 32


Weapon Attachments Guide

The Oden can pack quite a punch, even when facing multiple enemies. However, the weapon’s unwieldy control and mobility balances out its damage output. So, if you want to make the most out of your Oden, those are the stats you should focus on. Here’s our attachment recommendation to bring out the best in your Oden assault rifle:

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor

Barrel: OWC Marksman

Stock: RTC Steady Stock

Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical

Ammunition: Large Extended Mag B

The OWC Marksman and the Monolithic Suppressor are perfect for solving the control issues that the weapon is known for. You’re better off having this muzzle on since suppressed bullets can generally make your weapon more effective at dealing damage. Your OWC Laser – Tactical is a no-brainer and is considered a staple and common attachment for most ARs.

Here’s a slightly different recommendation with the same principles in mind:

Muzzle: Tactical Suppressor

Barrel: MiP Light Barrel (Short)

Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical

Underbarrel: Operator Foregrip

Ammunition: 12.7×55 Duplex Ammo

This build, on the other hand, focuses on reducing your recoil, while also boosting your damage. Coupled with sprint speed and high bullet spread accuracy, this will make your Oden an all-around killing machine.

Must-Have Perks for the Oden

Oden Weapon Demo Call of Duty Mobile

Perks offer some helpful passive benefits to the player and will greatly affect the performance of your gun and your entire loadout. If you want a crash course on all of the CODM perks and their bonuses, check out our CODM Perks guide

As mentioned above, movement speed matters a lot when using the Oden if you want to get all those precious kills. Here are the most optimal perks to use to complete your loadout:

Lightweight: This should be your priority for your Oden loadout. Lightweight grants you a 10% movement speed bonus while greatly reducing fall damage.

Quick Fix: With Quick Fix equipped, you’ll regenerate health for every kill using a gun or melee weapon. Additionally, capturing or holding objectives also gives you a little health.

Hardline: To complement Quick Fix, you should use Hardline to increase the points you earn by up to 25% when you kill enemies.

The Oden can become an even more powerful weapon when equipped with the right attachments and perks. By following these tips, you can increase your damage output and survivability, allowing you to dominate the battlefield. So, what are you waiting for? Equip the Oden in your loadout, and start racking up those kills and objectives!

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