PUBG Royale Pass Season 15 Update


Reap your rewards! All the prizes at stake in PUBG M Season 15

PUBG Season 15

The highly-anticipated PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 15 has finally rolled out last September 15 and it’s more exciting as ever. Dubbed as Beyond A.C.E., the new season features an awesome array of features like skins, outfits and prominent in-game items.

Rewards, Rewards, Rewards

Technically, Season 15 is laced with two types of rewards. The Royale Pass and the Ranked Play (free). Players can upgrade to Elite Pass for 600 UC and Elite Pass Plus for 1800 UC. Elite Royale Pass rewards are worth 30,000 UC and will be available based on your respective tier, beginning with 1 up to 100 max.

Check out this rundown of noteworthy prizes both for free and paid rewards for Season 15. It includes a full-fat, mythical-looking armor set and some shiny guns. For free players, rank rewards consist of BP and Protection cards, coins and coupon scraps to name a few.

Rewards Unlockable at
Whitestar Outfit, Gauntlet Thompson RP 1
Whitestar Headgear RP 5
Samurai Ops Smoke Grenade RP 10
‘Battle’ Graffiti RP 18
Golden Night Backpack, Sad Emote (Free) RP 20
Parachute Trail (4, Yellow) RP 21
Island Dance Emote RP 25
Shadow Assassin Outfit, Samurai Ops Parachute (Free) RP 30
Shadow Assassin Headgear RP 35
Samurai Ops Pan RP 40
Rainbow Glider Trail (3) RP 41
‘Follow Me’ Graffitti RP 42
Royal Finish Plane, Silver Plate VSS (Free) RP 50
Silverstar Outfit, Headgear RP 60
Samurai Ops Emote RP 70
Samurai Ops Helmet RP 80
Rainbow Glider Trail (3) RP 81
Samurai Ops – AKM RP 90
Rainbow Glider Trail (3) RP 98
Samurai Ops Headgear, Samurai Ops Outfit RP 100


Final Drop: Why Get a Royale Pass?

Is it worth getting a Royale Pass? Different players will have different takes, but consider these:

For happy collectors who adore grabbing most, if not all, the possible items in the game, paying for a Royale Pass is worth it. Great inventory brings unspoken cheers. The Beyond A.C.E theme includes an evolving skin — one that changes as you level up the pass. Plus, there’s the full line of kickass outfit that can outright kill it in the battlefield (visually). It’s hard to pass up on these for collection’s sake.

Premium gamers who can afford want to show off.

And finally, it’s a show of support for the developers who sustain the game. Beyond business, it’s a boost for them to continue creating fresh concepts and make the game more interesting.

Have you gotten the latest Royale Pass? What’s your favorite reward so far? Don’t forget to top up on your PUBG Mobile only on Codashop. We offer #BetterFasterSafer recharge, no logins or passwords required.



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