League of Legends Champions who need new skins


League of Legends Champions who need new skins

Do you like using popular strategies, or do you not mind playing off-meta Champions? If it’s the latter, you’re probably already waiting for a lifetime and a half for the devs to make your main Champion a new skin.

With only 162 characters and over 1,300 skins, you’d think every League of Legends Champion has a fair amount of cosmetics. But for long-time Summoners, it’s no news that only a handful of Champs in the roster has more than 10, with Lux and Miss Fortune leading the count with 17 and 16, respectively. In this article, I’ll place the spotlight on three unique and fun-to-play Champions who deserve new skins.


League of Legends Gwen

Isn’t it ironic that Gwen’s weapons are scissors, needles, and sewing threads, yet she only has two tailor-made skins to switch to? What’s more, is that they were both released two years ago. Good thing both look pretty. This fighter has a unique and satisfying playstyle, and you definitely need to try her.


League of Legends Corki

Corki actually has a decent amount of skins, but with a current pick rate of 0.97%, this Yordle pilot sure could use a facelift. And besides, who could say no to more of that Corgi Corki look they released in 2019?


League of Legends Skarner

Crawling out of the burrows, the crystalline scorpion Skarner is part of the ancient Brackern race and boy, his skins really do feel ancient. He was released in 2011 and only had six skins, with the latest being added in November 2020. Like Corki, his pick rate is on the lower end, with an even grimmer 0.62%.

Which Champions do you think should make this list? Recently, Riot Games announced long-overdue skins for Ivern, Singed, and Aurelion Sol. If you’re looking forward to those, remember to top up your League of Legends RP only on Codashop to enjoy a fast, secure, and hassle-free gaming experience.



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