Free Fire Fabled Fox Elite Pass, Battle Of The Gangs


Free Fire Fabled Fox EP

New Elite Pass for Garena Free Fire folks! The latest Elite Pass launches on 1 June, 2020,  Fabled Box features powerful gangs and a violent tale of revenge as two gang leaders return to a home they were forced out of. The gang leaders, Ben and Zarya began gathering trused comrades to rebuild the city.

Fabled Fox: Kitsune’s Riposte and Revenge Bundle

Complete missions to help Ben and Zarya reclaim their home and earn exclusive rewards! As you’d expect, there are tons of rewards up for grabs, including Kitsune’s Riposte & Revenge skin sets, and the Fabled Foxes motorbike. The design of these themed items were inspired Inari Okami from Japanese mythology, otherwise known as O-Inari, the Japanese god of foxes. It is said to represent represents fertility, agriculture and industry, general prosperity, and worldly success. It’s yet another differentiating designs that Free Fire is proud to offer.

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