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If you’ve been following Riot  Games, you must’ve known that VALORANT is officially launched in most of the world including Malaysia on the 2nd of June, 2020! Since the announcement of closed-beta in Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia and CIS countries, tons of players have been trying to get their hands on the highly-anticipated tactical shooter! SEA was officially excluded from closed-beta but Riot Games did not  sanction bypassing servers because it will hurt the experience for everyone.  For those who didn’t get the access, don’t be upset because you’re not the only one. 


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Posted by VALORANT on Sunday, March 1, 2020

We’re ready to accept payment

You can now buy VALORANT points on Codashop. No login is required. For first-time users and those who seem a bit shaky in doing online top-up, Codashop guarantees instant peace of mind because your purchases are securely added to your account in a jiffy.

We’re ready to meet the Agents

Ready to play the various agents? There are lots of guides online to gain insights on how to play the various characters and their unique abilities so take your time to learn them but at the end of the day it is still an FPS first-person shooter and the fundamentals rely on players learning to use the various guns that are available to purchase and practise the various categories of guns, ie. pistols, shotgun, SMG rifles, etc. Shooting well in-game is 50% towards winning games the other 50% is working well with your teammates and utilise your various abilities to gain an advantage as you attack or defend.

“I can’t wait to use Sage! She’s the only one who can heal and resurrect allies. To me, this is a must-have character for every map as this can turn the table,” said Wei Lun, Codashop Merchant Support Specialist.

We’re ready for more, Riot Games

We asked Codashop’s eSports Marketing Manager, Deitrich what is he ready for? And here’s his answer – “We are ready for more guns, more agents, more new maps, more skins, more in-game events, more unique game modes and more esports action! Looking forward to the upcoming Valorant Esports events and perhaps we might see the uprising of a game that soon might lead up to something Riot Games has done before… a World Championship.”

During this lockdown, Riot’s approach has created an undeniably perfect storm of hype. Now with the official release, it will keep us really busy in the months to come. Download the game NOW on their official website: https://playvalorant.com and follow VALORANT Facebook before they become an esports giant tomorrow.

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