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Chang'e Epic Skin Lunar Magic

Chang’E is easily one of the most annoying Mage heroes you should never underestimate. There are just so many ways to play Chang’e. She can solo a lane, roam around the side-lanes or you can even hyper carry with her.

With this new “Lunar Magic” Epic Skin, her Ulti literally looks like Meteor Shower now with cosmic effects. She might be afraid of heights but never hesitant to use her Ulti to jungle, pressure enemies or join team fights. A Chang’e that is played right can be unkillable and game-altering.

We (I) have a bias for Chang’E. If she’s your favourite hero too, you’ll definitely regret not buying this Epic Skin. Get “Lunar Magic” Epic Skin now from June 2020 Lucky Box Event.

*Available for a limited time only!

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