Build Wisely: Clash of Clans Upgrade Priorities


Clash of Clans Upgrade PrioritiesIt is natural to wonder how Clash of Clans still manages to extend its now 11-year domination of the mobile gaming landscape, but a quick look at its strategic base-building gameplay tells us how this timeless classic does it. From its uniquely entertaining art style to the strategically complex gameplay, it’s safe to say Supercell knows the perfect recipe for a successful game. If you’re one of the new players starting their Clash of Clans journey in 2023, here’s a quick guide on what you should prioritise to progress faster. 

Understanding upgrade mechanics

Before we delve into the specific upgrade priorities, it’s crucial to understand the game’s upgrade mechanics. Clash of Clans features several tools to get your home village up and running. In this article, we’ll divide them into four categories: buildings, troops, defenses, and heroes and spells. Each category has its own set of priorities, but they all share a common goal: to strengthen your village and enhance your offensive and defensive capabilities. 


When upgrading buildings, it’s best to prioritise the ones that improve your offense and hasten your accumulation of resources. Defensive buildings like cannons or archer towers can be left for last. Prioritise the following buildings to get the most value out of your hard-earned resources: 

  • Clan Castle: Upgrading the Clan Castle is vital for joining and creating clans, which provide numerous benefits, including reinforcements during attacks and clan perks. The Clan Castle is also home to the treasury, which stores bonus loot from Clan Wars and Star Bonuses. 
  • Laboratory and Spell Factory: These buildings unlock powerful spells and troop upgrades, significantly improving your attack capabilities and increasing the chances for 3-star attacks.
  • Army Camps: Increasing the capacity of your army camps allows you to train larger armies for farming and attacking enemy bases. Upgrade this after the Clan Castle and Laboratory to further improve your attacks. 


Not only the size but also the composition of your army dictates how powerful your raids will be. Upgrading your Elixir Troops early on will give you the freedom and flexibility to adapt various attack strategies later. 

  • Elixir Troops: Upgrade your elixir-based troops to diversify your attack strategies and adapt to different base layouts. Archers and Barbarians are a must, as they allow for good attacking fundamentals at a cheap price. 
  • Dark Elixir Troops: At Town Hall Level 7, players unlock the Dark Barracks, which give them access to the Dark Elixir Troops like Hog Riders, Lava Hounds, and Golems. These troops are potent and can be game-changers in wars and attacks. Prioritise their upgrades in the Laboratory. 
  • Wall Breakers and Giants: These troops are essential for farming resources efficiently. Upgrading them increases their survivability and damage output. 
  • Clan Castle Troops: Request and donate strong clan castle troops to bolster your defenses and support clanmates during wars. 

Heroes and Spells

The Spell Factory (unlocked at TH 5) and Heroes (TH 7) can increase your army’s strength immensely, and it’s ideal to dedicate a good chunk of your resources to upgrade them consistently. They also open up a world of attack options to better implement your playstyle, so familiarising yourself with all the options before investing in them is important. 

  • Heroes: Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden should be upgraded consistently as they take a while to max out. Their abilities become more potent with each level, making them formidable forces on the battlefield. 
  • Spells: Having a variety of spells at your disposal will surely enhance your attacking strategies, but the Lightning Spell, Healing Spell, and Rage Spell provide unequalled value to your army with their utility. 


Weak defenses guarantee that you’ll lose a percentage of your stored loot to attackers. And although the amount is insignificant, fortifying your defenses still helps a lot, as it will help you cut losses in the long run. Attacks almost always come in hoards, so it is recommended to prioritise Splash Damage defenses. 

  • Splash Damage Defenses: Mortars and Wizard Towers deal AoE damage and are essential for defending against waves of troops. 
  • X-bows and Inferno Towers: These high-level defenses are good for defending against air and ground troops. Upgrade them when you have a strong base to support their high maintenance cost. 
  • Air Defenses: Prioritise upgrading air defenses like Air Sweepers next. Air attacks can be devastating, so having strong anti-air defenses is crucial. 
  • Cannons and Archer Towers: These are your basic defenses and should be upgraded steadily to provide an overall balanced defense. 
  • Walls: Don’t neglect your walls. Upgrading them improves the overall durability of your base and can deter attackers more reliably than you think. 

Balancing upgrade priorities

Balancing upgrade priorities is essential to maintain a flourishing and well-rounded village. While rushing through certain upgrades is tempting, neglecting other areas can leave your base vulnerable. Focus on a mix of resource buildings, defenses, and offensive upgrades to ensure steady progress. But if you really have to choose, a good rule of thumb is prioritising offense first, resource buildings next, and then you build your defenses. This way, you can focus on racking more 3-star attacks, guaranteeing more loot. 

Knowing which upgrades to prioritise in Clash of Clans can significantly impact your success in the game. By understanding and following the guidelines outlined in this guide, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions about where to allocate your resources. Remember that patience and a well-balanced approach are key to building a resilient and adaptable village in Clash of Clans, so strategise wisely and watch your village flourish! 

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