How to get MLBB’s First-ever Zenith Skin: Vexana’s “Twisted Fairytale”


Just as we thought that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s skin game couldn’t get any better, Moonton surprised everyone by dropping a new skin grade called “Zenith”. The “Twisted Fairytale” Zenith skin is the first of its kind, and it’s a limited-time skin available from March 25 to April 30, 2024. And what’s even better is it’s for a Hero that currently tops the meta: the Princess of the Undead, Vexana!

In this article, we’ll show you a short highlight of this rare cosmetic, as well as a full guide on how to get it.

Vexana “Twisted Fairytale” skin highlight

In the “Twisted Fairytale” skin, we see Vexana wearing an Azure Blue gown decorated with gold ornaments and a majestic red cape. A golden crown and a thorny glowing staff and shoulder piece complete the look.

We’re also getting custom animations, voice lines, and a recall animation that further enhances Vexana’s new royal outfit. Her basic attacks, Skill 1, Skill 2, and recall effects follow the thorn and phoenix theme you can see in the skin trailer, building up this new strong and defiant persona even further. 

Vexana Twisted Fairytale

The Undead Knight she summons during her Ultimate also gets a total makeover. The knight now dons a formidable purple armour and thorned greatsword, complete with fascinating animations. 

Vexana Undead Knight

How to get the “Twisted Fairytale” skin

Participating in the Twisted Fairytale draw event gives you a chance to get Vexana’s new skin along with other cool prizes. In the draw event, players can spend MLBB Diamonds to perform 1x or 10x pulls. Winning duplicate prizes will grant players Twisted Fairytale Tokens, which they can use to do additional pulls.

MLBB Twisted Fairytale Draw Event

The Twisted Fairytale skin is guaranteed within your first 120 pulls, while the Apple of Doom Elimination Effect, another limited-time cosmetic, is guaranteed within 30 pulls.

Taking advantage of the event discounts can also get you a lot more value out of every pull. Your first daily 1x pull can be bought at 50% off, while the first 10x pull during the event grants you a 30% discount. Plan your pulls carefully to get all these:

  • Vexana “Twisted Fairytale” Skin
  • Lancelot “Floral Knight” Skin
  • Guinevere “Sakura Wishes” Skin
  • Barats “Toy Rex” Skin
  • Beatrix “X Factor” Skin
  • Odette “Black Swan” Skin
  • Mathilda “Unrestrained Delight”
  • Apple of Doom Elimination Effect
  • Skin Trial Cards
  • Rare Skin Fragments
  • New Arrival Tokens
  • Lucky Tickets
  • Crystal of Aurora

Cop or drop?

It’s not every day that we get new skin categories. With the Twisted Fairytale skin being the first-ever Zenith skin, it’s going to be a rare find. It’s a must-pull for battle-tested Vexana mains and even newbies as it levels up the experience of playing as this monstrous mid-laner. What’s even more awesome is that the draw event includes an all-star skin lineup, and you won’t go home unsatisfied even if the RNG gods are against you.

Good luck, players! If you ever need more Diamonds, don’t forget to top-up only through Codashop to enjoy easy and hassle-free payment.



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