Honkai Star Rail Turns One: Version 2.1 Anniversary Event Highlights


1200x700-HSR-ver2.1-phase1After the release of Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.0 and our much-awaited glimpse of the new planet Penacony, we’re getting our first new major update with a whole roster of new content that avid HSR players will be binging in the next few weeks. Version 2.1 is here, and here’s everything you need to know about the new patch and what you can expect from the game.

New Characters and Light Cones

Version 2.1 New Characters HSR
Image courtesy of HoYoLAB

Right off the bat, here are the details on a new Character Event Wrap with two new 5-star characters and one 4-star character to add to your roster. As always, this version comes in two phases, and we have Acheron for Phase 1, the new 5-star character who is almost a splitting image of Raiden Ei, a character in Genshit Impact. Acheron is a 5-star Nihility character with an affinity for the Lightning element. Luocha also makes a return in his banner’s rerun, which is the perfect opportunity for you to get him if you missed him during his first banner run. Gallagher is the new 4-star Fire and Abundance addition who seems to be a character with a complicated past. Watch out for his playstyle and his story to unfold in the new version.

Phase 2 of Version 2.1 brings us the return of Jingliu and another new 5-star character–Aventurine. He’s an Imaginary and Preservation character who has an alternate form called “Aventurine of Stratagems, which is reportedly a new boss in the game. 

Version 2.1 New Light Cones HSR
Image courtesy of HoYoLAB

If you want to get all three of the new characters, then you better invest in some Oneiric Shards so you can also get their respective Light Cones. This is definitely a must if you’re aiming to have the best build for either Acheron, Aventurine or any of the returning 5-stars. Ready your wallets for some intensive grinding and gacha luck!

One-Year Anniversary Event: Cosmodyssey

Version 2.1 Anniversary HSR
Image courtesy of HoYoLAB

Time goes by so fast, we can’t believe it’s already the One-Year Anniversary of Honkai: Star Rail. To celebrate this milestone, the developers have prepared a special event for all the players in the form of a new board game for you to enjoy. It’s always a welcome change when a new game mode is introduced in HSR, and now we’re getting one inspired by a popular board game. Think of Monopoly but with some HSR flair and characters. The mechanics are also similar to Monopoly where you need to earn funds to buy some ‘properties’. As you play the game, you’ll earn enough points to purchase Land Tiles and play through some of the mini-games in Cosmodyssey. 

Play through the game and get event-exclusive cosmetics like a Profile Picture and Phone Wallpaper for you to collect as well.

Boosted Rewards and New Ornaments

Planar Fissure and Realm of the Strange makes a comeback by giving you triple the rewards! Whenever you play Simulated Universe or Caverns of Corrosion, you get a 300% boost in your rewards. This is the perfect time to grind for some gear and even get the new set of Planar Ornaments for Version 2.1.

Version 2.1 New Planar Ornaments HSR
Image courtesy of HoYoLAB

It’s also been a while since World 8 of the Simulated Universe was released. Luckily, World 9 arrives just in time for the 300% boost, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to earn even more items and gear. 

New Game Modes and Events

Vignettes in a Cup

Version 2.1 Vignettes Characters HSR
Image courtesy of HoYoLAB

Version 2.1 also introduces a couple of new game modes and events to look forward to. Aside from the anniversary board game, we’ll be getting Vignettes in a Cup, a bartending event focusing on crafting drinks at a bar called Dreamjolt Hostelry. You can make drinks for your patrons and earn tips to get your rewards. The most important part of this event is getting a 4-star selector upon completion! That’s right! You get to choose a free 4-star character from a set roster. Make sure you participate in the event and get your desired character!

Tides of War

Version 2.1 Tides of War HSR
Image courtesy of HoYoLAB

Test your might in the new event called Tides of War where you must defeat hordes of enemies in multiple stages. Every battle offers a new challenge so make sure you accumulate as much Grit Value from defeated enemies. This gives you useful buffs and access to higher Grit Phases. Participating in Tides of War will net you some highly sought-after items like Tracks of Destiny, Stellar Jades, and Relic Remains.

More Rewards and Star Rail Passes

It’s HSR’s first birthday, so it’s only natural to have more reasons to celebrate! HoYoverse is giving away more Star Rail Special Passes as well as Stellar Jades! All this is on top of the other items and rewards you can get from the new events. On the day of HSR’s anniversary, you’ll be awarded 1,600 Stellar Jades in the mail, which is enough to buy ten Star Rail Special Passes. That’s a total of 20 Special Passes that you can use to pull for your favourite characters.

Playing Honkai: Star Rail is a gift that keeps on giving. With so many rewards and bonuses, it’s an opportunity for all players to celebrate and enjoy. After a year of adventures and challenges, it’s time to reap the rewards and continue your journey in the game with a renewed spirit. It’s HoYoverse’s way of saying thank you to all the dedicated players who have stuck by and supported the game. 

What are you waiting for? Top up your Oneiric Shards through Codashop and join the celebration! Make sure to claim all your rewards, enjoy the special events and continue your adventures in Honkai: Star Rail.



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