Best Heroes to Counter Benedetta in Mobile Legends Bang Bang


Benedetta is one of the most lethal assassins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB), and her presence in the match already sends fear to the opposing team. Her powerful attacks, unmatched speed, and sneaky plays give Benedetta an edge in tight situations. Is there a way to counter her? This article will look at the best Heroes to counter Benedetta.

An Overview of Benedetta’s Abilities

We will first look at ways Benedetta can hurt opponents before proceeding to the best Heroes to counter her. It is crucial to know Benedetta’s abilities so a counter-pick can be chosen.

Passive: Elapsed Daytime

Holding down the primary attack button makes Benedetta enter Swordout state, where she gathers Sword Intent. When the button is released, Benedetta attacks with a Swordout Slash, a dash attack that damages enemies with some Physical Damage scaled with a +210% Physical Attack in its path.


Skill 1: Phantom Slash

Benedetta summons a shadow of herself that deals 200 (+70% Physical Attack) Physical Damage while dashing forward. This also slows down enemies by 60% for 0.5s.

Benedetta then slashes forward, dealing 50 (+80% Physical Attack) or 200 Physical Damage if the shadow hits the target.

Skill 2: An Eye For An Eye

Benedetta lowers her sword, absorbing damage and negating crowd control (CC) effects for 0.8s. After which she stabs in a specified area, dealing 300 (+70% Physical Attack) Physical Damage. If Benedetta successfully deflects damage, she gets full Sword Intent; and if she successfully deflects CC effects, her stab will stun enemies for 1.5s.

Ultimate: Alecto – Final Blow

Benedetta prepares Alecto and then slashes forward after a short delay. The initial slashes also incur a 70% slow for 1s.

After the initial slashes, Benedetta activates Sword Intent, dealing 120 (+85% Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies in its path while slowing enemies for 0.2s

From here, we can see one common property of Benedetta’s attacks: they dash forward (or in a chosen direction). This property is one of the strongest for an Assassin and the whole game. Couple this with excellent damage output, and we can see why this puts Benedetta in the higher tiers of the MLBB meta.

So, how do we counter such a high-damage, high-mobility Hero? My first guess is to use Fighters because they are naturally high in defense and has above-average damage output. Marksmen for their long-range engagements (but with one big flaw). Mages? I don’t think they’ll do it because of their predominantly CC skills.

Best Heroes to Counter Benedetta

The Heroes listed here are the counter picks for Benedetta. They may or may not be in the higher tiers, but their skills are known to counter Benedetta.

Yu Zhong

  • Yu Zhong

    (Fighter) – Starting with a Fighter, Yu Zhong (or any other “meta” fighter like Pacquito or Chou) can deal a lot of damage to Benedetta throughout the match. Yu Zhong is excellent because of his Black Dragon ultimate, which increases his HP from 600 to 1000, gives him CC immunity and collision invulnerability, and deals 180 – 310 (+80% Physical Attack) Physical Damage.

What does this mean for Benedetta? Her skills will have little effect on Yu Zhong. Even without his Black Dragon form, Yu Zhong can fend off Benedetta in the early game with heavy damage using his Skill 1, Dragon Tail.


  • Minsitthar

    (Fighter) – Probably the best counter-pick for Benedetta if you already have him in your Hero pool, Minsitthar negates Benedetta through his Ultimate, King’s Calling nullifies Benedetta’s movement while dealing damage. Pair this with his Skill 1, Spear of Glory, and this counter to Benedetta will reward you with severe damage and movement speed reduction.

  • Wanwan

    (Marksman) – Wanwan is the optimal counter to Benedetta if your role is the Marksman. What is unique about Wanwan is that she can blink dash to a target direction as part of her Passive, Tiger Pace. Her Ultimate, Crossbow of Tang, is also a great counter to Benedetta, especially after she casts her own Ultimate.

  • Miya

    (Marksman) – Having a long-range engagement is beneficial to counter Benedetta. Miya ranks as one of the best in this in all ranks of the game. Her Skill 1, Moon Arrow, is an excellent poking skill, while her Ultimate, Hidden Moonlight, provides a great escape mechanism suitable for surprise attacks. Use Miya if Wanwan is not in your Hero pool.

Items to Help Counter Benedetta

These items will help in countering Benedetta:

  • Winter Truncheon

    – This is particularly useful for Wanwan, enhancing her Crossbow of Tang.

  • Immortality

    – This item provides free resurrection for 16% of the total HP for defense. This also provides an additional 800HP and 30 Defense for the user.

  • Spell: Flicker

    – An escape mechanism is essential for countering Benedetta, as she can chase down those fleeing her with any of her attacks and skills. A Flicker spell is beneficial because it can be used after baiting Benedetta to chase you down.

Counter Tip

The only thing that players must be aware of with Benedetta is that all her attacks and skills can chase them down. A team-oriented player can bait those attacks and then use the Flicker spell to lure Benedetta to a spot she is not comfortable with, like an ambush or a team push where teammates can attack her while her skills are on cooldown.


While Benedetta is a powerful Hero and top-tier, some Heroes are direct counter-picks against her. Try these Heroes out in your next game and see how they can impact your matches.

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