Tips and Tricks on How to Counter Zeri in Wild Rift


Wild Rift Zeri How to CounterRiot Games released Zeri, The Spark of Zaun, back in February 2023. As a Marksman, she has high mobility despite being kind of complex to use. She also offers a rather interesting kit as a Dragon Lane hyper carry. What makes her complicated to use is her short attack range, despite being a Marksman, but if you got the hang of it, it’s easy to deal tons of damage with Zeri.

In this guide, you’ll learn just who are the best Champions to use, the worst ones, and some tips on how to successfully counter Zeri in Wild Rift.

Best Picks to Play Against Zeri



Samira is one of the best Champions you can pick to counter Zeri. Deemed as one of the strongest ACDs to solo carry, she’s great at moving across the map and making sure that Zeri doesn’t catch up to her. If played well, she can easily and single-handedly win teamfights.

What’s also great about Samira is her Ultimate has no cooldown and her Wild Rush resets on kills, making it rather easy to bully Zeri into backing out and waiting for other teammates.



With Xayah, you have an advantage in zone control and dealing tons of damage. Not to mention, she outranges Zeri, allowing her to poke at the Champion from a safe distance. She’s a menace in late game scenarios, which Zeri isn’t really strong at.



Draven is another great pick against Zeri because of his potential to be a lane bully. He also snowballs hard if you cash in a big stack of his passive. However, he is rather complicated to use and it will take time before you can master him.



Vayne can move as fast as Zeri, matching her step-for-step. This makes her a dangerous choice for the new ADC. You are as mobile as Zeri, able to avoid any incoming assaults and let’s be honest, Vayne in the late game is unrivaled; not even Zeri can keep up.

Vayne’s E allows her to hold Zeri down and easily finish her off. Zeri mains will suffer if Vayne is chosen against her. Because Zeri has no defenses, Vayne may essentially two-shot her in the later phases of the game.

Worst Champions Against Zeri



Ezreal is a champion who is comparable to Zeri. He moves well and relies heavily on his skill shots. His greatest phase in the game is the mid game, although Zeri may grow much beyond. Because of her charge, she is significantly more dependable in teamfights.

Zeri will do better laning versus Ezreal, and while she may falter in the mid game, her late game is nothing to laugh at.



Although considered one of the strongest AD carries, Jinx isn’t really the best Champion to counter Zeri. Both are Marksmen, making them squishy and quite vulnerable to teamfights and CC.

However, Zeri ups Jinx with mobility. While Jinx is stuck with a heavy weapon and can become fairly immobile, Zeri’s high mobility allows her to jump in and out of fights whenever she wants to. Just remember that as Zeri, you shouldn’t let Jinx auto-attack in the backline for free. Engage as soon as you see her in teamfights.



Kai’Sa is another interesting pick, but sadly she’s a bad match-up for Zeri. Although she has the ability to engage and disengage quickly if needed, Zeri will outdo her when it comes to mobility. Zeri also has tons of combos that you can use to overpower Kai’Sa, especially in the Early Game when the enemy Kai’Sa isn’t built enough to take on fights alone.

Priority Items to Counter Zeri

You would benefit a lot from choosing 1 armour rune and 1 magic resistance rune combined because Zeri does mixed damage. This provides you the best of both worlds, and they will help you defend against her auto-attacks and abilities.

Tips on How to Counter Zeri

Remember that Zeri relies heavily on her movement speed to dash in and out of battles, and she needs to keep attacking to keep up its quality. That’s why landing crowd control attacks on Zeri can help slow her down and reduce her effectiveness. Not to mention, you have to outrange her to effectively shut her down.

Although a great Zeri feels hard to punish, once her E is down, there really isn’t anything left to protect her. Use that opportunity to rain your attacks on her and delay her growth, especially in early game.

Lastly, Zeri is a Marksman, which makes her squishy and easy to burst down. Force fights with her and make sure you prioritize killing her first before moving unto your other opponents.

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