A Quick Guide on League of Legends: Wild Rift Wild Pass


League of Legends Wild Rift Wild Pass

What is League of Legends: Wild Rift Wild Pass

Wild Rift has unveiled its very own battle pass called Wild Pass! At the start of Ranked Season 2, players can receive loads of cool stuff simply by playing, and get even more when they upgrade. The Wild Pass contains 50 levels of rewards including premium (skin, emotes, icons, recall port) and free (Blue Motes, Poro Coins). Players can advance through levels by completing weekly and elite missions.

Hexplorer Jax

The Wild Pass comes with a variety of extra content as well as currencies to help players obtain cool items they desire and flash them all in the Rift.  

How to get Wild Pass in Wild Rift?

Getting the Wild Pass is super easy! Just follow these simple steps and you’re on your way to getting lots of benefits. Play more to earn more!

  • Open the League of Legends: Wild Rift on your device.
  • On the left side of your screen, click on Wild Pass.

Wild Rift Lobby

  • Once you enter the Wild Pass lobby, you will see the Rewards tab and the different items you can unlock. There’s also the Missions tab where you can view the weekly and elite missions that you need to accomplish to advance through the Wild Pass.
  • To unlock the premium rewards, tap on the Unlock button on the left side of your screen.

Wild Pass Rewards

  • Players have the option to choose between the standard version of Wild Pass for 590 Wild Cores, and the Wild Pass Elite edition valued at 990 Wild Cores. The Elite unlocks 5 levels instantly and gives bonus elite missions to quickly boost your progress.

Wild Pass & Elite Pass

When you reach level 50, you’ll be able to unlock the cool Hexplorer Jax exclusive skin to show off in battle. And it doesn’t end there! After completing the Wild Pass, you can continue grinding to earn more bonus rewards!

What are the rewards included in the Wild Pass?

Below is the list of rewards available for each level.

Level 1 to 10:

Level 1: Wild Pass Random Skin Chest

Level 2: 2 Blue Motes Boost

Level 3: 175 Poro Energy

Level 4: 100 Poro Coins (Free)

Level 5: Hextech Jaximus Icon

Level 6: 200 Blue Motes

Level 7: 175 Poro Energy

Level 8: Much Rage Emote

Level 9: 2 Blue Motes Boost (Free)

Level 10: Champion Pose Selection Chest

Wild Pass Emotes

Level 11 to 20:

Level 11: 2 Team Boost

Level  12: 175 Poro Energy

Level  13: 200 Blue Motes

Level  14: 100 Poro Coins (Free)

Level  15: Hex Explorer History Rift Emblem

Level  16: 2 Blue Motes Boost

Level  17: 175 Poro Energy

Level  18: 2 Team Boost

Level  19: 200 Blue Motes (Free)

Level  20: Skin Pose Selection Chest

Wild Pass Emblem

Level 21 to 30:

Level 21: 2 Blue Motes Boost

Level 22: 175 Poro Energy

Level 23: 200 Blue Motes

Level 24: 100 Poro Coins (Free)

Level 25: Trusty Shovel Bauble

Level 26: 200 Blue Motes

Level 27: 175 Poro Energy

Level 28: Jax Unleashed Icon

Level 29: 2 Team Boost (Free)

Level 30: Skin Pose Selection Chest

Trusty Shovel

Level 31 to 40:

Level 31: 2 Blue Motes Boost

Level 32: 175 Poro Energy

Level 33: 200 Blue Motes

Level 34: 100 Poro Coins (Free)

Level 35: Recall Port

Level 36: 2 Team Boost

Level 37: 175 Poro Energy

Level 38: The Slow Clap Emote

Level 39: 200 Blue Motes (Free)

Level 40: High Tech Hex Explorer Rift Emblem

Recall Port

Level 41 to 50:

Level 41: 200 Blue Motes

Level 42: 175 Poro Energy

Level 43: Bright Idea Bauble

Level 44: 100 Poro Coins (Free)

Level 45: Hex Explorer Passage Border

Level 46: 2 Team Boost

Level 47: 175 Poro Energy

Level 48: 200 Blue Motes

Level 49: 100 Poro Coins (Free)

Level 50: Hexplorer Jax Skin

Wild Pass Hexplorer Jax

Bonus Rewards:

Level 53: Wild Pass Blue Motes Bundle

Level 56: Wild Pass Icon Selection Bundle

Level 59: Wild Pass Emote Selection Bundle

Level 62: Wild Pass Bauble Selection Bundle

Level 65: Wild Pass Hexplorer Jax Pose Bundle

Wild Pass Hexplorer Jax Pose Bundle

Is the Wild Pass worth buying?

The perks included in the Wild Pass are absolutely enticing. If you feel like spending the extra money to nab exclusive skins, emotes, baubles, and loads of Poro Coins is a winning deal, then Wild Pass is worth a shot. For players who prefer free-to-play, the Wild Pass is a good source to get more cool items, something that they can consider in the future.

Top up Wild Cores & get your Wild Pass today

Top up at least 590 Wild Cores for the standard Wild Pass or 990 Wild Cores for the Wild Pass Elite and start enjoying tons of benefits playing your favorite MOBA game, League of Legends: Wild Rift. Click here to top up Wild Cores today!

Remember that you need to have enough Wild Cores to purchase the Wild Pass. The good news is that you can easily top up Wild Cores at Codashop!



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