League of Legends or Wild Rift? Which Should I Play?


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If you’re feeling burnt out from your main game and are looking for a new one to sink hundreds of hours into, you may have thought of diving into the world of Runeterra and are choosing between
League of Legends and its mobile counterpart, Wild Rift

Both games have a low skill floor, making for enjoyable casual play while rewarding mastery and player skill with their high learning curve. In this article, we’ll go through all the other aspects, including gameplay mechanics and champion rosters, so you can choose and start your journey immediately! 

Gameplay mechanics

League of Legends and Wild Rift maintain the core gameplay mechanics that make the game enjoyable. Champions feel quick and responsive in both games, allowing for frame-perfect outplays. However, there are notable differences due to the limitation of mobile devices. 

Wild Rift controls have a simplified interface centred on optimizing user experience and touch controls. The map design in Wild Rift is also condensed, providing a faster-paced gameplay experience that suits the mobile platform. Objectives such as turrets, inhibitors, and the Nexus remain the same, emphasizing strategic gameplay and team coordination in both games. 

Wild Rift vs LoL opening
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Champion roster

One key aspect available in both games is the diverse champion roster that players can choose from. While many champions are playable in LoL and Wild Rift today, the latter initially launched with fewer champions than League of Legends. Luckily for mobile gamers, the developers have been steadily expanding the champion roster in Wild Rift, ensuring that players can also play their mains in the mobile version. As of this writing, League of Legends has 163 champions, while the recent addition of Ornn, Swain, and Volibear brings the Wild Rift champion count up to 103. 

Graphics and visuals 

In terms of graphics and visuals, the PC version provides a more detailed and visually stunning experience due to the capabilities of gaming PCs. And the game doesn’t even need high-end specs to run, with a minimum requirement of at least an Intel Core i3 processor or equivalent and 2GB RAM. On the other hand, Wild Rift offers impressive graphics and visual effects optimized for most mobile devices today, ensuring a visually appealing experience without compromising performance. Both games showcase the vibrant and imaginative world of Runeterra, with each champion brought to life through unique animations and abilities. 

Wild Rift Urgot Game

Esports and competitive scene

Unlike Wild Rift, which recently jump-started its esports scene with the Icons World Championship last year, League of Legends has a long-standing and highly competitive esports scene that attracts millions of viewers all around the globe. League of Legends has established itself as a prominent esport, with global events such as the LoL World Championship 2022, which pitted top teams against each other for a prize pool of USD 2.25 million. 

Although relatively new to the competitive scene, Wild Rift has been making strides with its regional tournaments. The spectator experience and community involvement in esports events for both games provide fans with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Updates and future developments 

Both League of Legends and Wild Rift receive regular updates, patches, and new content to keep the games fresh and exciting. With the constant addition of new champions to Wild Rift and persistent balance patches, we can expect a continuous shift in meta, resulting in a more unpredictable and intense competitive scene. League of Legends’ return to Riot Games also means we can expect an improved player support system and a bunch of offline events to enjoy.


League of Legends and Wild Rift each offer a unique flavour of the same action-packed LoL gameplay the world loves. And at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference and the platform that suits your needs and play style. 

If you have the budget for a PC or prefer more complex move sets for skill expression, you’ll definitely love the fierce competition brought by the PC version. Busier gamers may find Wild Rift’s accessibility and convenience a godsend as it allows them to indulge and squeeze a few short games into their hectic lifestyles. Mobile gaming’s versatility also means you can game and check our Wild Rift guides in a jiffy, anywhere you go.

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