Black Dragon Technique: The Ultimate MLBB Guide to Yu Zhong


Yu Zhong - Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends recently introduced one of the hardiest heroes to ever set foot on the Land of Dawn — enter the dragon with Yu Zhong.

Hailing from Cadia Riverlands, this Humanoid Dragon is rugged and resilient. He is notorious in one-on-one combat and can easily overwhelm a foe once he gets his bearings in place. Together with Luo Yi, he stands against the Oriental Fighters (Zilong, Baxia, Ling and Wanwan).

In this post, we’ll teach you how to maximize Yu Zhong’s sheer brute force and ultimate push capability to pick up the V in battle.


Passive Skill – Cursing Touch

Yu Zhong’s basic attack applies Sha Residue to his enemies and fills up his Sha Essence. The attack builds up and after 5 stacks, erupts to deal more damage and heals him too. When the Sha Essence reaches full bar, Yu Zhong gains movement speed and spell vamp for a short period.

First Skill – Dragon Tail

Yu Zhong channels power to his mystical cloak and deals physical damage to enemies surrounding him. The sharp edges create more damage and add 2 stacks to his Sha Residue. Those hit in the inner circle take lower blows.

Second Skill – Soul Grip

Yu Zhong releases his Dragon Soul to inflict damage to enemies up front and slows them down for 1s. Upon hitting, his next basic attack levels up for more damage and applies Sha Residue based on the number of enemy hits.

Third Skill – Furious Dive

Yu Zhong leaps to a designated area at full strength and deals physical damage. After that, he can dash in any direction and knock enemies airborne for 1s, handing additional damage.

Ultimate Skill – Black Dragon Form

Now this is a game changer. Yu Zhong morphs into Black Dragon Form and starts charging for 7s, dealing damage to enemies along the path. He gains increased HP, movement speed, CC immunity and can move through walls. This is great for initiating or fleeing.

But wait, there’s more. After his Dragon Form, Yu Zhong enters Dragonoid Form for 10s. Finish off enemies with improved range for all the skills. Take his word for it, “You can’t escape the inevitable.”

Best Battle Spells

Petrify: This will help Yu Zhong hold down enemies when using Furious Dive. Activate it to stop enemies from moving and give you an easy knock-up advantage.

Vengeance: This is helpful during team fights when you dive the back line. It helps reduce the damage taken and deals magic damage too.

Flicker: Use this to chase down enemies trying to escape. It also works the other way around when you need to escape enemy pursuit.

Best Emblem Set

Try the Assassin Emblem as it can go well a few ways. Prioritize Agility for movement speed to easily chase down enemies and add Invasion for physical penetration. Complete the set with Killing Spree to gain HP after enemy kills. The Fighter Emblem is also an excellent choice. Center it around Bravery for increased damage, Invasion for physical penetration and Festival of Moon to gain extra 8% spell vamp.

Best Build

Focus on creating this build for better damage, max CD reduction and sustainability.

Magic Shoes – To reduce cooldown and use skills faster
Bloodlust Axe – To increase damage, sustainability and reduce CD further
Blade of Despair – To get higher physical attacks to maximize his ultimate that gives extra HP
Oracle – To complement the healing factor from his passive
Queen’s Wings – To improve physical attack and add durability when his HP is down to critical
Immortality – For defense purposes and ultimately, save you an extra life.

Skill Tips

At the start, get a Hunter’s Knife to deal more damage while jungling. Farm faster by moving a step back from a monster. Target the crab first for an extra gold buff. Remember that it’s best to utilize Yu Zhong on the Side Lanes because he can clear minions fast.

Reach Level 2 and unlock the Third Skill. You can then proceed to engage enemies using surprise combo attacks with Skill 1 + Skill 3.

To deliver higher damage, make sure to use the edge of his Dragon Tail to target enemies. You can also do a Furious Dive + Petrify combo to stun enemies so they can’t escape the knock-up effect.

For his ultimate, do not stay in his Dragon Form for too long. Positioning will be vital to effectively target enemies along the path. Use it also to your advantage when you need a quick escape as it has CC immunity and the ability to pass through walls. Switch to Dragonoid Form when you reach the enemy back line.

Always keep track of his Sha Essence Bar. Since Spell Vamp is triggered only when the bar reaches full stack, this may very well dictate the tempo of your game.

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