Get your assassin lessons from Hanzo’s new “Insidious Tutor” skin


Knowledge is power, power is everything. Rings true for Hanzo’s new skin “Insidious Tutor”. You’ll surely learn a thing or two about assassinating your enemies.

Sporting a look we’ve never seen on him before, Hanzo gives a smart casual vibe to his usual ninja theme. With a yellow polo accessorized by a loose necktie and a fitted vest, paired with slim-fit striped pants and brown leather shoes, this look suits him very well. His demonic ninja side is still evident with his black mask covering half of his face, his purple hands and his enormous, toothy sword.

Enemies better prepare to be wiped out by Hanzo’s demonic spikes in Soul Reap, and his Demon Pneuma in Pinnacle Ninja.

Time to learn from the Insidious Tutor Hanzo. Get it at 30% off within launch week.

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