Mobile Legends Slangs: Know Your Gaming Terms


Mobile Legends Slangs

Are you a new MLBB gamer? Don’t know the lingo that your teammates and opponents are exchanging? Let’s talk about some of the most common gaming slang in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia that players use to communicate. Find out how to use such terms and abbreviations correctly to get you more engaged during the whole conversation.


  1. AFK: This is a popular abbreviation for ‘Away From Keyboard’.  It gained massive popularity in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. It lets people know that you are not at your keyboard for a while. Suddenly going AFK can be detrimental to a team, as it puts them at a severe disadvantage during battle. Many game systems have employed strict penalties to discourage players from going AFK.

Ex: ‘I think our tank is AFK, kanina pa hindi gumagalaw eh.’

2. Funnel:  In simple terms, ‘funnel’ is a game strategy that means the whole team will give ALL the creeps and buffs to the Marksman so that he can level up and buy items fast. The goal is to feed your carry Marksman so he becomes very fat, so can easily slay enemies and dominate the entire game.

Ex: ‘Guys, funnel tayo ha! Make sure Granger gets all the goods para tumaba agad.’

  1. Core: This is a general term for any hero not being played as support (mid, carry offlane, maybe even jungle) and who is actively getting farm priority. Note that when your team picks and decides on its core, the supporting cast must help to make him grow stronger fast.

Ex: ‘Si Helcurt na lang core naten, kesa dyan kay Kadita!’

  1. Umay: This Filipino term connotes something ‘to being fed up’. It roughly translates to: “I’ve had it!” especially when a team is performing badly or is on the verge of losing.

Ex: ‘Huy, tingnan nyo naman yung mapa, nauubos na tore naten! Umay naman!’

  1. Lods/Lodi/Idle: Generally, these terms are a popular variation of the word ‘Idol’, or star performer. Its being a great gamer if you put it on a gaming perspective. Nowadays, many gamers use this term to address their teammates, especially during drafting.

Ex: ‘Mga lods isang mage lang. Tank ka na S5.’

Say those slang right!

  1. GG: Normally, the correct definition of GG is Good Game. But several players use it universally to connote bad gaming performance when they start to lose, when one goes AFK, or when a teammate is experiencing lag.
  2. Log: Friends, the correct term to use is Lag. It’s when there’s a delay between the action of the players and the reaction of the game server. When you say ‘Log’, it can either be a wood (noun) or note down (verb).


  1. Noob/Newb: When you hear a player yell or type in Noob/Newb, it means someone fairly new to the game.

Ex: ‘Eh step up your game ah! Newb!’

2. GGWP/GG: This abbreviation is a sign of showing a good gesture which means Good Game Well Played, while GG is short for Good Game.

Ex: ‘Peh fungsi match kali ni GG.’

3. GLHF: Good Luck Have Fun is more like an introductory greeting before a match starts. This is a good gesture, especially when going up against teams from other countries.

Ex: ‘GLHV geng!’

4. AFK: This abbreviation means ‘Away From Keyboard’. It lets people know that you are not at your keyboard for a while. Suddenly going AFK can be very detrimental to a team, as it puts them at a severe disadvantage during battle. Strict penalties have been employed to discourage players from going AFK.

Ex: ‘Why he offline? Peh AFK ah ni!’ 

5. EZ: EZ is a supercut version of Easy. Say when you destroy 2 turrets easily without any challenge or whenever you get the victory in less than 10 minutes. Now that’s EZ.

Ex: ‘Cepat gak match ni LOL GG EZ.’


  1. IMBA: This term is a shortcut for Imbalanced. It can be applied to a subject in gaming (role, weapon, feature, etc.) that can either be too strong (Overpowered/OP) or too weak.

Ex: ‘X-borg nya jago banget, Imba nih ngga asik!’

2. EZ: This means Easy. It generally applies to having an easy game or fighting against an  easy opponent. When you breeze through a ranked match in less than 10 minutes, now that’s EZ.

Ex: ‘EZ banget ini match!’

3. TB: This abbreviation means ‘Tahan Badan’, a Bahasa term that means ‘to command the Tank users to protect the team’.

Ex: ‘Hei tolong itu Johnson TB buat kita-kita!’

4. GGWP/GG: This abbreviation is a sign of showing a good gesture which translates to Good Game Well Played while GG is short for Good Game. It’s a good habit to hand out GGs to your opponents after the game.

Ex: ‘Keren semuanya, GGWP/GG!’

5. By one: This is a simplified and straightforward term that means a 1 vs 1 Challenge request. If you’re in the mood to challenge someone on a custom match with only the two of you, drop him a By one.

Ex: ‘Jangan Berisik! Mending By One aja kita’

6. Nge-troll: This term used by players refers to a troll, someone who deliberately disrupts or pisses other players off online to get a reaction. Are you one of them?

Ex: ‘Kebiasaan banget Nge-troll mulu mainnya!’

What’s the most popular gaming slang in your country? Share with us and let’s learn together.

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