MLBB Dodge System: All you need to know


MLBB Dodge System

Losing a match is part of playing Mobile Legends. Back in the days when players couldn’t do anything about losing due to a poor lineup, MLBB has made an initiative to improve this occurrence. The MLBB Dodge System allows players to ‘dodge’ a match if the team members feel their lineup is highly unreasonable. This is all part of MLBB’s balance adjustment plan to make the game more fair and square for everyone.

What is Dodge System in Mobile Legends?

A dodge mechanism is a feature in draft pick during ranked games that gives a team an option to ‘dodge’ or cancel the match when their team lineup is extremely unreasonable. You will be grouped with random players who don’t commit to adjusting their roles when you play solo queue. Imagine going into battle with three mages and two marksman heroes? The option to dodge works to obtain the suitable hero composition to fill each role and helps to create a balanced, more positive gaming experience for everyone.

MLBB Dodge Notification

How does Dodge System Works?

When your team decides to pick at least three heroes of the same role, a notification will appear, prompting everyone to dodge the match or rejoin the queue. This message also warns that the imbalanced roster may significantly reduce your chance of winning. If the opposing team opts to dodge the match, you’ll also receive Protection Points as compensation.

There will be two options available: Keep Playing or Dodge. If you choose the latter, you will return to the Lobby Rank to line up for another match. Keep in mind that multiple dodges will merit a temporary matchmaking suspension. Dodge is also not available to premade 5-player teams and in Mythic matches.

Do I lose a Star when our team dodges a match?

Good news, dear warrior, you don’t have to worry about losing a Star when your team decides to dodge a match. Since the system has detected a high disparity between the opposing teams, you won’t lose a star when your team decides to dodge.

Overall, the dodge system is a helpful feature to avoid uneven matches that can be disadvantageous for any team. In addition, solo players can push for their ranks more effectively by playing on a well-balanced team.

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