Top 5 Game-Changing Updates in the Latest MLBB Patch


Christmas has come and gone, and we’re already starting the new year great with a new MLBB season and some exciting new content ahead of us. While people are building up their ranks again and grinding their way to victory, many players seem not to realize that several impactful changes were implemented since the MLBB 1.7.44 update was released just a few weeks ago. In case you’re one of the many players who have yet to check the newest changes this patch has brought, here are the top five game-changing updates in the latest major update from Moonton.

1. New Flicker Combos

For the Chou, Khufra, and Franco mains, utilizing your Flicker Battle Spell with your skills is a staple in both Classic and Ranked matches. However, for the longest time, Flicker combos are only accessible to a select few heroes, including those previously mentioned. With the 1.7.44 update, Flicker combos are now available for a wider variety of heroes, like Bruno, Silvanna and Minsitthar. 

While those heroes who already have great compatibility with Flicker can now execute their combos more easily, more heroes can now benefit from using Flicker in conjunction with their skills. If you’re a Guinevere main, you can catch enemies off guard by extending your reach or changing your Blink direction with a Flicker, making Guinevere extra deadly during skirmishes. With this change, new strategies are sure to be formed, resulting in some exciting new plays in the future.

2. Removal of Certain Sound Effects

Perhaps the most impactful change in the update is how Moonton is transforming the way sound effects work in matches. Previously, sound effects could be heard at any part of the battlefield, even those darkened parts on the map. A quick pan on your map can help you tell if someone is attacking the Turtle or other jungle mobs because of the sound effects from other players’ movements or attacks. 

With the recent update, this is no longer possible. The developers have decided to remove certain sound effects to prevent players from having an unfair advantage. No longer will players be able to get an edge over their opponents by simply listening for sound cues. For example, Khufra’s blink skill has a distinctively loud wind up sound that you can easily hear, giving you an idea that an ambush is about to happen. Now, you won’t be able to hear enemy players charging behind the bushes or invading your jungle unless you see them first.

The removal of sound effects is a huge change to the game and will require players to be more aware of their surroundings in order to properly locate enemies. Those who rely on sound effects to know when an enemy is nearby will need to adjust their playstyle to accommodate this change. Suddenly, heroes with vision skills became much more valuable in a game and will result in more strategic and intense matches in the future.

3. Hanabi Rework

The Hanabi rework is perhaps the most anticipated change for this update, as it brings a whole new set of abilities and playstyle to the popular marksman character. The most significant change is how Hanabi’s basic attacks and abilities will now passively trigger her petal blades, allowing her to deal more damage to multiple enemies even without using any of her skills. For a more in-depth look at Hanabi’s new skills, check out our Hanabi Rework Guide.

4. Dominance Ice Balancing

For so long, players have relied on Dominance Ice to reduce an enemy’s attack speed by a few points while enjoying a decent 10% cooldown reduction. That has changed since the 1.7.44 update.

Dominance Ice has now lost that unique CD reduction passive and has changed how the attack speed reduction now works. Previously, the item reduced the enemy’s attack speed by a flat 30% reduction. The new Dominance Ice now reduces the attack speed of the enemy by 75% of their normal attack speed. This means that the attack speed reduction is much more significant now than before.

Many players are divided as to whether the New Dominance is a good change or not. On the one hand, it’s far more effective at countering heroes with high attack speeds. On the other hand, the removal of the 10% cooldown reduction bonus makes it much less attractive to buy.

5. Swift Crossbow Added

To balance the attack speed debuff brought by Dominance Ice, Moonton introduced Swift Crossbow, the newest attack speed equipment added to the game. With this item equipped, players can now out-damage opponents with its 20% attack speed bonus combined with the added 40 extra adaptive damage to each of the hero’s basic attacks. There’s also another unique passive for the Swift Crossbow, which grants heroes an additional 3% attack speed bonus for three seconds, stacking up to five times. The best thing about Swift Crossbow is it’s relatively cheap at only 1000 gold, making it an attractive option for players who want to increase their damage output in the early game.

Overall, these updates have the potential to shake up the meta and create a more balanced environment for players. It will be interesting to see how teams adjust their strategies and compositions to take advantage of the new changes. So, what are your thoughts about these four game-changing updates from MLBB’s latest patch? 

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