Wishlist for Genshin Impact in 2023


Wishlist for Genshin Impact in 2023

Genshin Impact has been out for over two years now, and safe to say; it’s one of the most popular games with over 50 million players worldwide. It won TapTap Game Awards’ “Game of the Year” in 2020, Apple Design Awards’ “Visual and Graphics” and The Game Awards 2021 “Best Mobile Game” awards in 2021, and The Game Awards 2022’s “Player’s Voice” award.

With the new year come resolutions and wishlists. So, what more does Genshin Impact has in store for us, and what could we expect? What are we hoping to get?

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My Genshin Impact Wishlist for 2023


It’s not a surprise to everyone that Genshin Impact will release a ton of new characters as the game develops and expands into the world of Teyvat. It’s always an exciting time for players when HoYoverse starts to market new characters and when they give us a glimpse of future playable characters.

Some of the characters I look forward to, aside from Alhaitham that is confirmed to run alongside Xiao in the 3.4 update, are the following:


The architect behind the Palace of Alcazarzaray, a graduate with honors from Kshahrewar of the Sumer Akademiya, and Alhaitham’s roommate, Kaveh is a blond man with red eyes that was shown to have a rather short temper when dealing with the taller, stern man.

Although he was briefly shown in the game arguing with Alhaitham, it’s enough to send the fandom into a frenzy, with female Genshin Impact players wishing to get him as a playable character (including yours truly). There are also rumors that he is a claymore user, which is a rather nice contrast to his lean stature.


Known as the “Flame-Mane,” Dehya is a powerful Eremite that hails from the Great Red Sand. She was first introduced to players as the bodyguard of Dunyarzad Homayani. She is renowned and feared among the Eremites; it was even shown that she’s friends with Rahman, a devout follower of the Scarlet King.

It would be interesting to know more about her aside from her mercenary background. Not to mention, her design is pretty awesome! Some fans also took to her as a “girl crush” material, which is quite evident in her cool and collected manner. Not to mention, her design looks awesome and reminiscent of a Sphynx (most likely because cats were revered in ancient Egypt).


Baizhu was first introduced as the owner of Bubu Pharmacy and Qiqi’s guardian. He is renowned for his skills and knowledge in medicine, with many Liyue citizens showing complete trust in his skills.

Despite this illustrious reputation, he actually comes off as sly—someone with ulterior motives. Because of an incurable disease, Baizhu has a poor constitution and weak physical condition, pushing him to become more interested in eternal life. Rumors are he only took Qiqi in because of her unique predicament.

If he was added to the roster of playable characters, it would be interesting to see him as a Dendro healer. He would also bring in something new to fans, with his story possibly revolving around his self-centered pursuit of eternal life, in contrast to justice-serving individuals like Keqing and more neutral-standing characters like Zhongli.


He was first introduced as the narrator in Genshin Impact’s trailer. Then, he was formally introduced as a “mysterious traveler with an eyepatch” in Mondstadt, tracking down traces of the Abyss Order and hindering their plans.

It was later revealed that Dain was the former knight captain of the Royal Guard of Khaenri’ah, who failed to stop the destruction 500 years ago and was forced to suffer the curse of immortality.

He is one, if not the most anticipated playable character in the game so far. HoYoverse first announced that he would be playable back in 2020, but no release date was given. Maybe we’ll get him during the release of Snezhnaya? Hopefully, sometime earlier, but we could only wait.

Lynette and Lyney

These twins were teased in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview Act IV, Fontaine. Their designs are also interesting, with Lynel giving off that “Hatter” vibe while Lynette has cat ears and a tail. Alice in Wonderland inspired?

Not much is known about these two, but rumors are one of them is actually a puppet. (Scaramouche 2.0?) We can only wait until their release!


She is another character that appeared in Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview Act V, Natlan. There is not much known about Iansan aside from her character design, and she hails from Natlan.

Despite being one of the small “chibi” characters, Iansan’s splash art shows that she can pack a punch. Maybe she’ll be a brawler-style, much like Heizou?

The Fatui Harbingers

“A Winter Night’s Lazzo” was a masterpiece, with HoYoverse dropping the character designs of all Harbingers as they gathered to pay respects to the deceased Signora. What’s even better is they dropped this teaser without any fans or leakers getting even a hint of it.

With it came the members: 

  • Pierro, “The Jester”
  • Il Dottore, “The Doctor”
  • Columbina, “Damselette”
  • Pulcinella, “The Rooster”
  • Sandrone, “Marionette”
  • Pantalone, “Regrator”
  • Il Capitano, “The Captain”
  • Alecchino, “The Knave”

We can expect some of them to be playable, like Tartaglia and Scaramouche-turned-Wanderer, or they might suffer a tragic end like Signora. (Not me wishing they’re all playable.)

The Archons

It’s not surprising that archon banners generate hype and money since players look forward to getting these characters on their team. So far, we have Venti, Zhongli, and Raiden Shogun, and they all have proven useful in any team composition that players want to experiment with. So it’s natural to get curious about the other archons, namely:

  • Focalors; Fontaine
  • Murata; Natlan
  • Tsaritsa; Snezhnaya

Fontaine is the next region to be unlocked after Sumeru, but we don’t have any information on when it will drop. 

The Descenders

“Descenders” is a term used by the Fatui for outlanders who do not originate from the world of Teyvat but come to live within it. What makes them interesting is: how did they come to discover Teyvat, and what makes them stay and live in it?

Another interesting fact is the Traveler’s twin—this will be Aether or Lumine, depending on who you chose at the beginning of the game—was not recorded as a “Descender.” Aside from what Nahida mentioned, especially that tiny bit where the Traveler is the “fourth Descender,” we don’t have any information on them yet.

Here’s me wishing they drop sneak peeks of the descenders and make them playable!

Wish Banners

These banners are the source of pain for all gacha players; you’ll have to be really lucky or really rich to get who you want. Even though there is a pity system in place, players still have that dreaded 50/50 chance of pulling either the banner character or the pity character. (Who else has a C5 Keqing?)

For this part, we focused more on rerun banners as HoYoverse has not released concrete information on what new characters they plan on dropping, aside from Alhaitham and Yaoyao in the 3.4 update.


Also known as the Adeptus Alatus, Xiao is the sole surviving member of the five Yakshas dispatched by Morax across ancient Liyue to subdue demonic spirits. He is a holder of an Anemo vision and wields a polearm, resides at Wangshu Inn, and avoids social interaction due to the karma he has accumulated.

As a Xiao main, I aspire to unlock C6 Xiao—even if it will take more than a bit of money. It doesn’t hurt that during all his banner runs; he proved to generate revenue for the company. And with his upcoming banner run alongside Alhaitham, pay-to-play Travelers will surely be more than willing to swipe a few times to get them both.


The Spark Knight is a playable Pyro character in Genshin Impact. She is the daughter of the adventurer Alice, whose destructiveness Klee inherited in spades. She is infamous among the Knights of Favonius, with her love of “fish blasting” garnering ire from Jean and resulting in her being grounded.

Although her sales aren’t as impressive as other characters, her design is adorable, and her cute Dodoco bombs deal quite the damage. Not to mention, more Klee (and Alice) lore might drop when Hoyoverse decides to have her for another rerun!

Kamisato Ayato

The current head of the Kamisato Clan and the Yashiro Commissioner, Ayato is a graceful and cunning man who prevented the Kamisato clan’s downfall. Many in-game characters noted his resourcefulness and cunning, which allowed him to work behind the scenes.

He was a surprise character that was only hinted at by Thoma, Ayaka, and other NPCs in-game. His drip marketing garnered a buzz in the community, and his graceful animations and attack patterns caught the hearts of players. It also helped that using the Kamisato siblings in one team is a great choice. (Unli freeze combo!)

Kamisato Ayaka

The Shirasagi Himegimi and younger sister of Kamisato Ayato, Ayaka is considered “a model of perfection” in Inazuma because of her elegance and dignity. Funnily enough, she has more of a solid reputation compared to her older brother.

She is a fan favorite, with her beautiful silver hair, ethereal design, and dainty manner of speaking. She also generated the most revenue, with her first banner run earning roughly USD 16.45M and her rerun topping at USD 35.94M. Not to mention, she’s one of the most powerful Cryo characters, even at C0—imagine if you managed to get her to C6, where she gains Usurahi Butou every 10s and her Charged Attack damage is increased by 298%.

Kaedehara Kazuha

Kazuha is a wandering samurai that belonged to the once-famed Kaedehara Clan. He wields an Ameno vision and has the ability to read the sounds of nature. Aside from his carefree disposition, he is a fan favorite because of his ease of use and the swirl damage he provides.

Getting a C6 Kazuha would also be a dream. After activating his skill or burst, Kazuha gains an Anemo infusion for 5 seconds. His Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attack damage also increases depending on how much Elemental Mastery he has. Another perfect Anemo DPS to add to your roster!

Raiden Shogun

Famously known for her “booba sword,” the Electro Archon Raiden Shogun is yet another fan favorite because she can serve as a powerful battery for the team while also dealing AoE Electro damage.

While Venti has more of a focus on CC and swirl damage, while Zhongli is a shield and burst damage provider, Raiden is more flexible with her capabilities of supporting the team while also dealing a good chunk of damage as a sub DPS with her burst. Her unique kit allows her to be placed in any team composition, especially with the new element Dendro. Hint: Quicken is an insane elemental reaction.


One of the most highly anticipated characters, Wanderer is another character that I’m pretty sure everyone wants a rerun banner off ASAP. Ever since his first appearance as Scaramouche in the 1.1 event “Unreconciled Stars,” players have been waiting patiently for his inevitable release as a playable character.

And we were not disappointed! He was released as an Anemo character with a gorgeous new character design, with a skill that allows you to attack mobs while flying. Because his kit is built as an on-field DPS, he is quite selfish and demands that the team comp revolves around him. (I know, how in character.)

Naganohara Yoimiya

Dubbed the “Queen of the Summer Festival,” she is the current owner of Naganohara Fireworks and brings joy to people with her colorful personality and outstanding fireworks displays. She was first introduced as an NPC during the Archon Quest “The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.”

Because her kit is designed to give her high Normal Attack damage and low Elemental Energy costs, she’s a great option as your main DPS. She works great with other Pyro characters such as Xiangling and Bennet, or you can have her as a sub DPS since her burst triggers explosions that deal AoE Pyro damage.


Considered by the community as one of the best Electro DPS in the game, the General Mahamatra Cyno is another great pick to add to your team comp experiments. What’s great about him is his build revolves around Elemental Mastery. Time to build a reaction-based team around him and annihilate your opponents!

He also is quite interesting as a character. Despite his curt, stoic, and intimidating presence, Cyno is fairly relaxed outside of his duties as the leader of all Matras. He is known to crack unfunny jokes in an attempt to lighten up the atmosphere. There is even an NPC in the House of Daena who is actively hiding from Cyno because of his horrible jokes. Hint: use Nahida’s skill to read Sohreh’s thoughts.


Since Genshin Impact is a gacha game, there are too many weapons to choose from. That’s why we divided the weapons into five types and enumerated which ones are arguably the best and most anticipated rerun banners.


  • Mistsplitter Reforged
  • Haran Geppaku Futsu
  • Freedom-Sworn


  • Wolf’s Gravestone
  • Song of Broken Pines
  • Redhorn Stonethresher


  • Engulfing Lightning
  • Primordial Jade Winged-Spear
  • Staff of Homa


  • Kagura’s Verity
  • Tulaytullah’s Remembrance


  • Aqua Simulacra
  • Elegy for the End
  • Hunter’s Path
  • Polar Star


Although almost all the events in Genshin Impact is enjoyable, there are just some that we’d like to see again. Not to mention, some of these events have certain ties to Archon Quests or Character Story quests, so having a rerun would make it feel awkward—unless the event story gets rewritten as a sequel. However, these are some events that would make sense in having a comeback:

  • Ley Line Overflow
  • Marvelous Merchandise
  • Windtrace
  • Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens

Here are some events that would be nice to play again, but it may be more of a seasonal thing:

  • Lantern Rites
  • Invitation of Windblume
  • Midsummer Island Adventure
  • Lost Riches
  • Theater Mechanicus: Stage of Wonders

Finally, here are some events that wouldn’t make sense to bring back, but I wouldn’t mind seeing again:

  • Unreconciled Stars
  • Moonchase Tales 

Fantasy Genshin Collab

So far, Genshin Impact only has Aloy as its collaboration character. Of course, this leads to the community wishing and dreaming of future collaborations with other game titles and possibly anime titles. Some of these would include:

Final Fantasy Collab

As a huge fan of the FF franchise, just imagining some of the titular characters in the world of Teyvat is exciting! Cloud and Zack as claymore characters, Aerith as a polearm user, Lightning and Sephiroth as sword characters, and maybe even Tifa Lockhart as a brawler-style catalyst user. The possibilities are endless.

Kingdom Hearts Collab

Kingdom Hearts is a beloved title, and for good reason. The game was released 20 years ago, and it stood the test of time with countless sequels across all possible gaming devices. Frankly, it became a gaming behemoth.

It would be brilliant to see Genshin Impact and KH collaborate, although it might be a stretch to have Disney characters like Mickey and Goofy into Genshin. However, just imagine Sora, Riku, Roxas, Kairi, Aqua, Lea, and other characters traverse into the world of Teyvat. It would also be pretty interesting to see The Keyblade as a limited weapon banner.

Arknights Collab

Arknights is a free-to-play tactical RPG/tower defense mobile game that is continuously expanding in lore and world-building. It is also a gacha game, where players have more choices in which operators they would like to pull for and build.

It would be interesting to see how these two games would collide since Arknights is set in a post-apocalyptic world, whereas Teyvat is experiencing peace. However, this collaboration might be easier since the game was created by Chinese developer Hypergryph.

Ao no Exorcist Collab

Here is a fantasy collab with a manga/anime about twins who fight demons as exorcists. In an ironic twist of fate, Okumura Rin and Yukio are illegitimate children of Satan. It would be pretty interesting to see the twins in Teyvat; Rin would be easily adaptable with his sword “Kurikara” but Yukio would be an issue as he uses guns.

Kimetsu no Yaiba Collab

Kimetsu no Yaiba, also known as Demon Slayer, took the world by storm in 2019 with its unique storyline and character designs. Despite seemingly being yet another Shounen Jump type of manga, the series delivered more in terms of well-rounded characters, gut-wrenching scenes, and fast-paced, action-packed fight scenes.

This is not the first story about man-eating monsters, but Demon Slayer adds its own spin to it. It took place in a realm of traditional Japanese culture mixed with the great industrial revolution age. With all characters wielding swords, it would be easy to adapt them into Teyvat.

Spy × Family Collab

Who doesn’t love Spy × Family? This series took the hearts of the anime community wholesome storyline and hilarious characters, from Loyd Forger and his attempts to fulfill his mission to Anya’s exaggerated expressions when reading minds and obsession with spies. Even Yor imagining murder as a way to solve all her problems is depicted as comedic. (Don’t try this at home.)

Seeing the trio take on Teyvat would be nothing short of incredible. It would be a feast.

Final Thoughts

With HoYoverse cracking down on leakers during the past few months, it’s getting harder to get more information about future character and weapon banners. However, Genshin Impact remains one of the most popular games today. So, what is your wishlist for Genshin Impact this 2023? Share it in the comments below!

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