Best Heroes to Buy in Mobile Legends this 2021



It’s a new year and a new season once again for Mobile Legends. With that said, it’s time to update your hero roster! Last year, Moonton gave us an exciting crop of characters with shockingly superb and unique skills. Ready your Battle Points and Diamonds, here are the heroes you need to buy in MLBB this 2021!


These melee damage dealers are considered an all-around option for the team. They build, sustain, and increase their damage potential as the game progresses. Some fighters can also adapt to take on tank roles in various situations.


Chou - MLBB

Our flexible Kung-Fu Boy has been a consistent fan favorite. He has tremendous mobility to chase enemies with his fiery kicks. His brilliant dash can debuff crowd control, making it an effective escape act. Chou might be difficult to use, but if you master him and his ultimate, kicking enemies towards your tower become a nightmare. One of the strongest, you can even build Chou as your tank.

Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong - MLBBThe arrival of the Black Dragon literally breathes new life into the game. Yu Zhong’s ultimate transforms him into a massive flying dragon that bullies through opposition. And he’s not yet done – his Dragonoid form gives him extra physical damage and enhances his other skills. If farmed correctly (pick the side lanes), he is extremely tough to take down. With excellent passive and crowd control, Yu Zhong is your top pick for a fighter.


For ranged characters, you need to pick heroes with high damage and outstanding snowball capabilities heading into late game. These carries should be able to cripple enemies in one blow or two. Also, make sure that they have decent mobility to allow you to escape the early assault.


Brody - MLBBLet it be known that Brody is not your typical gunslinger. He does not use guns or any weapon to shoot enemies which makes him unique. He sends shock waves that do lethal,  piercing physical damage. His blazing AOE is an asset in team fights and can even charge his basic attacks for extra damage. Just learn to be careful in early game to prevent level gaps.


Wanwan - MLBBNever underestimate Wanwan. This Agile Tiger can easily earn savages with her ultimate skill. Speaking of which, once you fall under her Crossbow of Tang, escape is almost impossible. On top of her Burst and Reap damage, Wanwan’s high movement speed is one of her biggest advantages. Master this marksman and you’ll have a solid weapon in team fights.


Your mage heroes should serve well in terms of crowd control and in dealing magic damage. They should also work as a reliable support to get your core heroes to survive and escape an ambush. Mages tend to be squishy, so you need to build your own escape plan and be extra careful.


Vale - MLBBVale has had quite a good run last year. He was buffed several times and was picked for battle in major Esports tournaments like MPL. And he did not disappoint. He has a myriad of magic damage that can easily overwhelm enemies when stacked. He has AOE, CC and burst damage. One-hit kills? You bet! His passive gives a maximum of 80 points of movement speed when it reaches max stacks. Plus, he has a new skin (finally!) that’s a must-have for Vale users!

Luo Yi

Luo Yi - MLBBArguably the best mage in town, this Yin-yang Geomancer has very painful heavy attacks. Her first and second skills are annoying and hard to dodge. She  has good crowd control with her Rotation, slowing down enemies by up to 60%. And if you put in work, timing her ultimate can very well teleport you and your team to victory.


Leave it to your assassins to take out squishy enemies flawlessly. These sly, shadow warriors are highly trained to silently and unsuspectingly deliver the killer blows and push towers. They may seem quite difficult to use, but once you get their bearings right and farm successfully, you may be able to carry the team.


Benedetta - MLBBThe newest assassin does not disappoint! This Shadow Ranger is effective at getting surprise kills especially if you’re not familiar with her playstyle. Benedetta is a must-have for assassin users because she can defend herself well (second skill), has fantastic mobility, and delivers outstanding physical damage. She’s also pretty annoying as she just pops up from nowhere.


Zilong - MLBBThis fighter/assassin hybrid had his career resurrected with the recent revamp from Project Next. Zilong is more formidable and can easily take down a tower or slay the turtle all by himself. Need to push/ split push? Leave it to Zilong. He can yank unsuspecting heroes with his spear and can potentially kill them in seconds. In terms of movement speed, few heroes can go toe to toe against him. OG heroes never fade!


Tank heroes are your powerful protectors. They sacrifice their bodies to save teammates, initiate clashes, lock down enemies, and lead the push. One thing that tank users can do to maximize this role is to build them up tough since they are naturally built with low damage.


Atlas - MLBBOur gentle giant is all business. Atlas, the Ocean Gladiator, is tanky enough to cover for members during team fights. He has good roaming ability anchored by his second skill, allowing him to respond as back-up, and acts as an effective escape tactic too. Rely on Atlas for crowd control as his Fatal Links ultimate can lock multiple heroes, stun and slam them to the ground. 


Angela - MLBBThe Desert Tyrant is still the main man for tank users this 2021. Khufra is an excellent initiator with amazing crowd control. His second skill in Bouncing Ball is effective and annoying both in offense and defense. His ultimate is everyone’s favorite for crowd control. Positioning though is critical to maximizing his stun. Locking down enemies + HP regen is his one-two punch.


Do not take your support heroes for granted. They do their best to keep the team alive and surviving for the entire match. They provide a shield. They heal. They also do crowd control. Every team needs reliable support as a finishing touch to achieve its goals.


Angela - MLBBAngela still leads the way as the best supporting hero out there. Roaming is her best asset thanks to her ultimate skill in  Heartguard. During the attached state, Angela gives a shield to her ally and increases damage as she can simultaneously use her skills while in possession. She has annoying crowd control with her second skill and can provide healing with her first. She can possess everyone but marksman/fighter should be prioritized.


Mathilda - MLBBLet’s give the newest support/assassin hero a chance to shine this year.  Mathilda is always on the way. Whether it be to bail you out of trouble — her second skill (Guiding Wind) grants shield, movement speed, and allows allies to blink to Mathilda.  She also brings added firepower to your offense with her unique ultimate which also runs with decent crowd control.

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