Best MLBB Heroes You Need to try in 2023


Are you ready to dominate the battlefield in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in 2023? Check out our top picks for the best heroes to try in each class! We’ve compiled a list from deadly assassins to powerful mages, fierce fighters to precise marksmen, and sturdy tanks. Take advantage of these top-tier heroes and try them in your next match!

Best Assassin Heroes – Burst damage dealers

Looking for a hero that can eliminate your enemies with surgical precision and stealthy finesse? Our top picks for assassin heroes are a perfect choice. These agile killers have the skills and speed to take down any target, with high burst damage, excellent mobility, and the ability to strike when least expected!


Joy’s Feline Ranger Basic skin

The Flash of Miracle is a hero who made a massive impact in MLBB right after her debut. With Joy’s unique set of abilities and mechanics, she has the potential to shape the meta and lead teams to victory. While it may take some practice to fully understand and master her playstyle, those who put in the effort will find themselves able to carry almost any match. Joy is a hero to consider if you’re looking to make a splash in the Land of Dawn.


Benedetta’s Death Oath Collector skin

The Shadow Ranger, is a must-try hero in 2023, with an impressive track record in every meta since her release. Benedetta’s exceptional mobility allows her to easily navigate the battlefield, making her famous to MLBB players. Benedetta’s dash ability can catch opponents off guard, making her a formidable opponent in casual and professional play. Don’t be surprised if you see her dominating the battlefield this year.

Best Mage Heroes – Mid Laners

Every team needs a magical spark to ignite their victory flame, and that’s where a skilled mage hero comes in. With their ability to unleash massive burst damage and facilitate crowd control, they can quickly turn the tide of battle. While they may not have the most robust defenses, a mage’s magical prowess can ignite the battlefield with devastating power.


Yve’s Forest Hymn Basic skin

The Astrowarden, Yve, harnesses the power of the cosmos to unleash catastrophic magic upon her foes. With a mix of an area of effect (AOE), crowd control, and high burst damage skills, she is a strong mage hero who is easy to use yet offers a challenge to master. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, Yve will surely be a valuable addition to your hero roster.


Valentina’s Twilight Charmer Basic skin

The Prophetess of the Night is a mage hero who stands out for her incredible versatility on the battlefield. Thanks to her ultimate ability, Valentina can copy the ultimate of any enemy hero, giving her the ability to offer more than just burst damage to her team during team fights. With Valentina on your team, you’ll have a hero who can adapt to any situation and turn the tide of battle in your favor. And she can copy ANY skins too!

Best Fighter – EXP Laners

These brawlers pack a punch and can soak up damage to protect their allies. With so many choices, deciding which fighter to choose can be challenging. But rest assured, these melee warriors will bring heavy-hitting action to the battlefield.


Leomord’s Shadow Knight Abyss skin

The Sworn Sword, is one of the strongest fighter heroes in MLBB that will dominate the battlefield. Leomord’s impressive dueling abilities and tank-like durability make him a formidable carry hero, capable of delivering game-changing engagements for his allies. 


Balmond’s God of Mountains Collector skin

If you need a powerful jungler for your team, look no further than the Bloody Beast. Balmond’s Lethal Counter and Retribution spells make him a brutal battlefield force capable of securing the game objectives quickly. In the fast-paced world of MLBB, having a reliable jungler like Balmond can be the key to victory.

Best Marksman – Backline hitters

In the heat of battle, a team needs a fierce and reliable hero to obliterate the opposition. That’s where the Marksman comes in. Look for a hero with massive damage, critical strike potential, and impressive range to make the most impact, especially in late-game team fights. With the right Marksmen on your team, you’ll be well-equipped to wipe out the enemy and emerge victorious.


Lesley’s Falcon Mistress Collector skin

The Deadly Sniper is a Marksman that has soared to the top of the tier list thanks to her friendly mechanics and recent revamp. Her impressive mobility and stealthy invisibility make her a fearsome force on the battlefield, allowing her to take down enemies before they know she’s there. 


Beatrix’s Stellar Brilliance Prime skin

The Dawn Breaker Soldier is a well-known Marksman. With four different weapons at her disposal, Beatrix can adapt to any situation and unleash various damages on her enemies. Whether you’re battling it out in ranked mode or looking for a skilled warrior to join your team, Beatrix is a must-try hero in 2023.

Best Tank – Unsung Heroes

Tanks are the unbreakable backbone of any team, using their immense durability and strength to protect their allies and set up devastating plays. Tanks are the unsung battlefield heroes, whether leading the charge, providing crowd control, or sacrificing themselves to save their teammates. Without them, chaos would reign supreme. So if you want to dominate the competition, have a solid tank!


Akai’s Imperial Assasin Epic skin

The Panda Warrior’s popularity as a tank hero skyrocketed in recent MPL tournaments. Equipped with a diverse array of skills and abilities, Akai has the potential to devastate enemy formations with his high damage output. Akai’s signature move, Hurricane Dance, allows him to spin and knock enemies off their feet, making him a rugged opponent in team fights. 


Fredrinn’s Regal Renegade Basic skin

The Rogue Appraiser can dish out massive damage while withstanding multiple hits from enemies. Fredrinn’s ability to absorb damage and remain a mighty force in team fights makes him a threatening presence on the battlefield. Keep an eye out for Fredrinn as he charges into battle, ready to engage and take down his foes.

Best Support – Heal & Protect

Support Heroes may not always be in the spotlight, but they play a crucial role in keeping their teammates alive and protected. From shielding allies from incoming damage to granting healing, support heroes are always ready to lend a helping hand.


Angela’s Floral Elf Collector skin

Meet the Bunny Love, the versatile support hero of Mobile Legends with powerful healing abilities. Not only is she great at keeping her teammates alive, but Angela also boasts a passive skill that allows her to navigate the battlefield quickly. In addition to her role as a support, Angela can also be played as an offlaner hero, where she excels at protecting her lane and dishing out poke damage to opponents. So if you’re looking for a reliable hero to support your team and hold your ground, give Angela a try in 2023!


Faramis’ Royal Magus Elite skin

The Soul Binder is a mage support hero with impressive healing capabilities. Faramis’ passive skill allows him to collect Souls from fallen units, which restore his health and significantly reduce his respawn time after death. But Faramis isn’t just a support hero – he also packs a punch with his high damage output, making him a valuable addition to any team as a secondary mage. With a short cooldown, Faramis is always ready to support his allies and take out enemies. 

Ready to dominate the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang battlefield in 2023? Take advantage of our top picks for the best heroes in each class! Do you have a list of your favorite heroes you want to share? Leave it in the comments below!

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