How to Play CODM: Tips & Tricks to be the best


How to play CODM

New to Call of Duty Mobile? This free-to-play shooter game features multiplayer and battle royale modes filled with action and intense gameplay. Players will also encounter classic maps from the COD universe and unlock exclusive weapon skins and characters using their COD Points. While it may seem quite a lot to get you started (and tally the wins!), we’ve listed several tips and tricks to help newbies play CODM and progress in the game.

Basic Tips on Personal Setting for Playing Call of Duty Mobile

Adjust your Settings

When you play CODM, you can adjust your settings to ensure that you’ll be comfortable playing and that controls are more efficient. Go to the Settings menu from the lobby to access the Controls tab. There are two modes available: Simple and Advanced. The former lets you auto-fire on enemies while the latter gives you complete control at aiming down sights and shooting your guns. 

CODM Controls

The Advanced Mode also lets you select firing from the hip, do 1-tap ADS (aim down sights), or customize according to your preference. Note: Control Settings for BR and Multiplayer mode vary, so make sure to adjust both.

Pick and practice the right Weapon

Take time to learn more about your weapons, including their strengths and weaknesses. Know the different types to understand which situations benefit each. For example, Sniper Rifles are ideal for accurate shooters and long-distance shooting, whereas SMGs have a high rate of fire and are ideal for short to medium-range shooting. 

Also, be mindful of your ammo. CODM is a fast-paced game, and shooting will automatically exhaust your bullets. Always check how much you have and get ready to use your secondary weapon if your primary runs empty.

Tricks on Leveling up CODM Skill

Leveling up in CODM, especially for new players, should not be all too hard. Players must look into some gameplay elements to help them level up faster and improve their skills.

Improve Your Play by Watching Pro Streams & Your Own Gameplay Videos

To help you improve your play skills in CODM, you can watch your favorite streamers, and other pro gamers play. You can study their gameplay, including aiming, looting, positioning, load-outs, and more, to know what happened during a match and see where you can improve yours.

If you have the means, you can also record your own gameplay videos to check where you got it right or wrong.

Learn The Map and How to Use the Mini-map

Knowing the ins and outs of a map will give you a great advantage. Familiarize yourself with the routes and spots where enemies can camp, hide or snipe you. Use the mini-map to know where your teammates are and to be alert of enemy footprints so you can plan ahead of them. Remember, the map provides a great deal of information to help lead you to victory.

Practice with Different Maps & Modes

CODM features different maps and game modes. Multiplayer mode is the game’s main first-person shooter option. You can pick from various modes like Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Free For All, Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Hardpoint. Maps include Nuketown, Monastery, Hijacked, Crossfire, and more.

In Battle Royale, you will fight against 99 other players to become the last man (or team) standing. You can go solo, play as a duo or form a 4-man squad. In Zombies, this limited-time mode lets you fight for survival against hordes of the undead. Mode selection includes Undead Siege – Casual, Hard,and Nightmare.

Complete the Daily Mission

They may seem like dreary challenges but Daily Tasks are actually quite useful!
By completing simple, daily tasks, you can earn valuable rewards like Credits, Weapon XP Card, Battle Pass XP and Daily Mission Crates.

CODM Daily Mission

Pro Tips for Multiplayer and Battle Royale

Since COD Mobile features different game types including Multiplayer and Battle Royale. The former features classic game modes with objective-based and deathmatch style play. By knowing the mechanics of each mode, it will greatly help you to level up faster. 

For Battle Royale, surviving up to the very end will be critical. It will also require you to communicate better, move around, loot wisely, and understand the map to help you (and your team) pick up the win.

How to Level up in CODM Multiplayer Mode:

  • Practice makes perfect. For novice CODM players who are not yet familiar with how multiplayer works, you can go to Practice mode. Simply select Multiplayer and go to the game mode selection by tapping the button above ‘START’. Here you will find the Practice section where you can choose between Training Mode and Practice VS. AI. The first one will allow you to hone your marksmanship at the Practice Range, while the second will help sharpen your skills by duking it out against AI enemies. You can try out different guns and make the necessary adjustments to your settings that will suit your play style.

CODM Practice

  • Switch your loadouts. Loadout is an important component in COD Mobile as it enables you to prepare your weapons, perks, operator skill and grenade before jumping into a match. A full loadout will generally include a Primary and Secondary weapon, Character, Operator Skill, Grenades, Scorestreaks and Perks. Whatever you put up before joining a match will be the ones at your disposal during the match. You can prepare up to 10 loadouts, just see to it that each set is suitable for the map or the situation.

CODM Loadout

  • When you run out of ammo, remember your pistol. CODM is a fast game, and it’s likely that you’ll be shooting relentlessly to an empty mag. In the event your primary weapon runs empty, remember that you still have your pistol on standby as your secondary. By swapping for the pistol instead of reloading (which can take time), you can save yourself another kill rather than getting shot trying to reload.

How to be the Best in CODM Battle Royale Mode:

  • Communicate and stick with teammates. One way to create better teamwork is by communicating. Talk to each other to become more in sync, whether you’re moving from a location or engaging in a gunfight. The goal in Battle Royale is to survive, so keep in mind to perform as a unit and secure each other’s back.
  • Be mobile. Don’t be a sitting duck! In BR, you will need to constantly move to avoid getting killed. Being mobile in most parts of the match is actually a survival skill that not all players possess. Learn how to strafe to jump, and to sprint so that enemies will find it hard to target you. Find a cover like a rock or building and make use of them when the situation gets too sticky. It will also allow you to regenerate health, reload and regroup.
  • Learn the best (and worst) in class: Know your class! Battle Royale allows players to select from different classes, each possessing a special skill to help in battle. Understand their strengths and weaknesses to know which one to use. You can read our Guide on CODM Battle Royale Class to help you learn more. 
  • Revive your allies: When fighting a multitude of enemies scattered across the map, you will definitely need the help of your teammates. When someone gets knocked down and you intend to revive them, do it carefully. Scout the place because an enemy might still be lurking near, eager to strike again. Use smoke to give you cover while doing so.