Genshin Impact Nahida Guide


Genshin Impact Nahida Guide

Nahida, Lesser Lord Kusanali, is known for being the god with the least experience regarding the realities of nature of all things yet, she has more wisdom than other gods. But, It did not stop Nahida from being curious about how things are. She is powered by dreams and observation, enabling her to adapt to different situations and learn how phenomena happen. 

Pros & Cons of Nahida


  • Quick CD for Skill and Elemental Burst.
  • Versatile to fit different kinds of teams.
  • Consistent Dendro infliction using Element skills
  • Elemental Mastery increases its CRIT Rate and DMG making her easier to build.


  • Despite having an advantage with her burst, it does not deal damage
  • Highly dependent on reactions and other elements to function.

Nahida Skills

Akara (Normal Attack)

Normal Attack

Deal Dendro DMG to opponents in front of her, which can be stacked up to 4 times.

Charged Attack

She requires a specific amount of stamina to deal with AoE Dendro DMG to opponents in front of her after a short casting time.

Plunging Attack

Coming for its name itself, as Nahida plunges, it damages all opponents in her path. Deals AoE Dendro DMG upon impact with the ground.

All Schemes to Know (Elemental Skill)

Unleashes Dendro karmic bonds of wood and tree from her side that deal damage to up to 8 opponents along with the Seed of Skandha. Seed of Skandha enables opponents who have been marked by it will be linked to one another for a certain distance. Nahida will unleash Tri-Karma Purification to the tied opponents dealing Dendro DMG based on her ATK and Elemental Mastery. Tri-Karma Purification can’t be staked. 

Elemental Skill reacts differently when triggered by holding. It enters an aiming mode that enables you to select a specific area with a limited number of opponents to attack. During this time, Nahida’s resistance to interruption will be increased. Like with the usual trigger, the elemental skill deals with Dendro DMG and marks opponents with the Seed of Skanda, and the sequence of attack is also the same. Aiming lasts 5 seconds and can be aimed at a maximum of eight opponents. 

Illusory Heart (Elemental Burst)

Manifests the Court of Dreams and expands the Shrine of Maya. 

The Shrine of Maya unleashes different elemental types present when it has been triggered. 

  • Pyro: The effects and damage of Tri-Karma Purification from her elemental skill, All Schemes to Know, are increased
  • Electro: Opposite to Pyro, the damage interval between Tri-Karma Purification is decreased.
  • Hydro: The Shrine of Maya’s duration is increased.

If Nahida is outside the range of the Shrine of Maya, these bonus effects will not be triggered.

Nahida DPS/Support Build

Recommended Weapon

Kagura’s Verity

  • 5-star Catalyst
  • Equipes Nahida with Kagura Dance effect that enables 12% All Elemental DMG Bonus when they possess three stacks


Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

  • 5-star Catalyst
  • Increases Movement SPD by 10%. During the battle, it will enable Nahida to gain an 8% Elemental DMG Bonus every 4s. Max 4 stacks.

Solar Pearl

  • 4-star Catalyst
  • Enables Nahida to increase her Passive Skill buff.

Best Artifact

Deepwood Memories

  • 2-PC: Dendro DMG Bonus +15% 
  • 4-PC: After Elemental Skills or Bursts hit opponents, the targets’ Dendro RES will be decreased by 30% for 8s. It can be used even in Nahida’s off-field.


Gilded Dreams

  • 2-PC: Elemental Mastery +80

Wanderer’s Troupe

  • 2-PC: Elemental Mastery +80

Main Stats


Main: Flat HP Sub: Elemental Mastery / ATK% / CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG 


Main: Flat ATK Sub: Elemental Mastery / ATK% / CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG 


Main: Elemental Mastery Sub: Energy Recharge / ATK% / CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG 


Main: Elemental Mastery Sub: Energy Recharge / ATK% / CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG 


Main: Elemental Mastery Sub: Energy Recharge / ATK% / CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG

What talent priority to focus on in Nahida

Main DPS

  • 1st – Normal Attack
  • 2nd – Elemental Skill
  • 3rd – Elemental Burst


  • 1st – Elemental Skill
  • 2nd – Elemental Burst
  • 3rd – Normal Attack

Nahida Best Team Comp


  • Nahida


  • Cyno


  • Dendro Traveler


  • Kokomi

Nahida will be the primary off-field support in this team, complimented by Kokomi, who will be the main healer as she enables Bloom reaction. Cyno will be the main DPS triggering Aggravate to deal increased damage, while Dendro Traveler will be the Sub-DPS giving Dendro Resonance. 

How To Use Nahida

Recommended skill rotation sequence for Nahida:

  • Use Nahida’s Elemental Skill to enemies.
  • Trigger reactions by switching to different characters.
  • Repeat the first step. 
  • Maximize Elemental Bursts before Elemental Skill whenever it’s available. 

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