Free Fire Hero Spotlight: Hayato, the Legendary Samurai


Free Fire - Hayato

Free Fire is home to some of the most interesting and diverse mix of characters featured in a battle royale game. From special-ops, hired assassins and police officers, the list goes on to feature daily professionals like DJs, athletes, parkour expert, even a competitive speed eater and more. 

Then there’s the mysterious samurai character in Hayato. He’s one of the most popular dudes in the game with his tremendous skill set, cool looks and dark story to tell. In this post, we’ll tell you more about Hayato’s background, his special ability and character combinations that suit him well in battle.

Quick Backstory

Growing up from a family of legendary Samurai, the young Shimada Hayato is not your typical guy. Mysterious and all, Hayato has been carrying the family tradition as well as its curse, all while keeping a secret that nobody else can know. And he is out to keep that private even at the cost of his own life.

It is said that being born in the Shimada family has a curse that runs through the clan members and has been passed on from generations to another — they can sell their souls to demons in exchange of power. The downside is, they lose their minds and become homicidal lunatics once they do so.

Hero Skills and Character Combinations

Hayato’s ability called ‘Bushido’ stems out from the family curse. This special survival ability allows him to gain 10% extra armor-piercing in exchange for 10% of HP he lost. It is considered one of the strongest skills in the game, as it makes the character an instant damage dealer for the team. Be the pusher to optimize this skill, but mindful at the same time. A word of caution, DON’T dare do a 1-on-1 against Hayato, we all know how lethal Samurai warriors are.

Here is how his Bushido stacks up:

Bushido Level 1: When maximum HP is decreased by 10%, increase 7.5% armor penetration.
Bushido Level 2: When maximum HP is decreased by 10%, increase 8.0% armor penetration.
Bushido Level 3: When maximum HP is decreased by 10%, increase 8.5% armor penetration.
Bushido Level 4: When maximum HP is decreased by 10%, increase 9.0% armor penetration.
Bushido Level 5: When maximum HP is decreased by 10%, increase 9.5% armor penetration.
Bushido Level 6: When maximum HP is decreased by 10%, increase 10% armor penetration.

Make sure to level up this skill to the highest by collecting memory fragments to get the maximum armor penetration. To further complement his tremendous skill, best to pair him up with the following characters:

Kelly: Her ‘Dash’ ability combined with Hayato will allow players to move faster, more agile and rotate around the map more quickly.

Laura: Her Sniper Shooter skill will best come in handy as it grants extra accuracy in scoping enemies, making long-distance killing a good addition to your tactic.

Antonio: His Gangster Spirit skill grants extra life at the start of the game. Everybody wants that kind of teammate who can endure more damage as the game goes by.

Second Form – Firebrand

Hayato’s second form, dubbed as Firebrand, grants him the Art of Blades ability which lessens frontal damage to a certain degree. Players can unlock this version of the character by completing the Awakening Missions.

What do you think about this legendary Samurai? Have you tried him out in battle? Let us know your thoughts about Hayato and tell us which character should be in our next spotlight series.

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