Khaleed, MLBB’s newest fighter | Desert Scimitar

There’s always a new MLBB hero that we anticipate each month. This August, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang released a new Middle Eastern fighter hero named Khaleed who commands the sands. Wearing arm...

6 Best Characters to Use in Free Fire

Free Fire Characters
As the Battle Royale scene continues to surge, it’s no surprise that Free Fire is soaring high with its unique approach.One of the factors for its solid performance is its roster loaded with excep...

Unlock the Ancient Secret in PUBG’s New Game Mode

PUBG Blog Ancient Secret
Here’s one for the PUBG fandom. How does taking on mysterious bosses complete with sand snakes on a floating ruin sound like? Solve puzzles, crack open majestic treasures and earn Chicken Dinner i...

VALORANT Ascent Map: Why Doors Matter

VALORANT New Map Ascent
VALORANT’s two-site map called Ascent once again hit the wow-o-meter. The fourth map is reminiscent of medieval Italy. The backdrop itself is a gunfight paradise, with players hungry for action ab...

Brave a new world with Legends of Runeterra’s new ...

Proving that it’s going strong since its release last April, Riot’s immersive collectable card game, Legends of Runeterra, recently unveiled its first expansion with Call of the Mountain. This new...

Goddess MUA, A New Fantasy MMO

About Goddess MUA Uncover a beautiful and immersive fantasy land of Goddesses and monsters in Goddess MUA, the MMORPG mobile game adventure for Android developed by 4399EN Game. In this world, the ...

Join the 3volution! 8 things we’re ecstatic about ...

Free Fire OB23 Update
For its 3rd Anniversary, Free Fire rolled out its OB23 update globally last July 29. Entitled 3volution, the update brings massive changes and gnarly additions to the battle royale. Numerous impro...

PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0: 5 Things You Need to Kn...

PUBG Update 0.19.0
With the release of the PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0 early this July, players are in for some humongous changes that’ll shake up the playing field. New map, new mode, new gameplay settings. Here are ...

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