Strike from the Shadows: VALORANT Top Lurking Agen...

VALORANT Best Lurking Agents
Level up your game and learn what it takes to be an excellent lurker in VALORANT with this guide!

6 Beginner-Friendly Characters in Free Fire

Free Fire Beginner Friendly Characters
You've finally decided to jump into the world of Free Fire, and you're probably having trouble deciding who to play as. In this game, choosing the right character can make all the difference. Each...

League of Legends: Wild Rift ADC Lane Guide

Wild Rift ADC Lane Guide
Welcome to the world of Wild Rift, where the ADC (or Attack Damage Carry) role reigns supreme. As an ADC, your gameplay revolves around dealing massive amounts of physical damage to enemy champion...

The Mobile Legends Halloween Skin Guide

Halloween Image Banner - Mobile Legends
With Halloween just around the corner, our noble heroes from the Land of Dawn are also decked out in their spookiest outfits. Get your fill of Roger, Nana, Franco and others in their scarier looks...

Redeem Garena Shells for Free Fire, League of Lege...

Call of Duty Mobile
Do you love playing Free Fire, League of Legends, or Call of Duty Mobile? If yes, chances are you are also into buying premium in-game items and other upgrades for a more exciting gaming experience. Y...

The Ultimate Guide to CODM Season 2 Heavy Metal

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2
February isn't just the month of romance; it's also the month of Heavy Metal, especially for Call of Duty: Mobile players! The new season is out, and with it is a whole host of new perks to look f...

Ares vs. Spectre: The Epic Save Round Showdown

VALORANT Ares vs Spectre (1)
Get ready for an explosive battle! Witness the clash of Ares and Spectre in an epic save round showdown. Unleash the firepower and dominate the game!

League of Legends: Wild Rift Champion Guide Garen

Wild Rift Champion Guide Garen
Learn how to dominate the Baron Lane with this Wild Rift Garen guide, the robust fighter known for his durability and high damage output.

Best MLBB Heroes to Use for Solo Ranking

If you are going on a solo quest to conquer Mount Mythic, you need to pick and work on heroes packed with power and with skills to work around any given situation. Here are a few hero suggestio...

How to Opt-In to VALORANT Flashback

VALORANT Flashback 2022
It’s that time of the year again when we look back at what we have done for the whole year. Did we achieve small goals, like cleaning our room(s)? Did we learn a new skill? Or have we found new mu...

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