Khaleed, MLBB’s newest fighter | Desert Scimitar


There’s always a new MLBB hero that we anticipate each month. This August, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang released a new Middle Eastern fighter hero named Khaleed who commands the sands.

Wearing armor and equipped with a sharp sword, Khaleed demonstrates the temperament of the desert warrior. He has three distinct skills that he uses to tackle his enemies.

Hero Skills

Passive skill owned by Khaleed named Sand Walk will be active when the red bar on Khaleed’s HP is full. The bar is called Desert Power. Khaleed accumulates Desert Power while moving and once it’s fully charged, Khaleed will slide on sand, increasing his Movement Speed by 25% and enhancing his next Basic Attack.

Khaleed’s first skill, Desert Tornado is his core damaging AoE skill. He whirls his scimitar around, dealing Physical Damage to nearby enemies. Upon hitting the enemy, Khaleed can leap one time in a target direction and automatically cast this skill again up to 3 times.

Khaleed protects himself with his second skill called Quicksand Guard. In this stance, he harnesses the power of quicksand, restores HP and reduces damage. While channeling, quicksand appears under his feet, slowing enemies who walk into his AoE significantly. Moving, using basic attacks or skills will immediately stop the channeling.

His Ultimate skill is called Raging Sandstorm, Khaleed summons and rides on a wave of sandstorm that rushes towards the direction cast. While on the sandstorm, he gains CC immunity, enemies on his path will receive Physical Damage and be knockback. It’s a good spell to use for engaging and escaping.

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Last month’s Yu Zhong shook up the meta, and it seems like Khaleed is set out to do the same. Khaleed is now live on MLBB with his accompanying skin, Prince of Sand. Top up your Diamonds not and blow enemies away with sand!

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