Goddess MUA, A New Fantasy MMO


About Goddess MUA

Uncover a beautiful and immersive fantasy land of Goddesses and monsters in Goddess MUA, the MMORPG mobile game adventure for Android developed by 4399EN Game. In this world, the player will become the master of Goddesses, encounter diverse Goddesses with different personalities, and even capture their lovely heart!


Goddess evolution & fate origin

You will be the Soul Lord in the game. Summon your goddess and cultivate them: you are the witness of their growth from a tiny soul to the powerful goddess. Just sign the soul link with them and intensify them! The sexy and charming fox, pure and lovely unicorn, proud and elegant phoenix, and other goddesses will all accompany you to begin this journey!

Free Perspective& Exciting Hunting

A free perspective of 360° to view the beautiful and immersive fantasy world. Step to the world with ghost and danger and slay the boss king to get the precious drop rewards.
Challenge, slaughter, conquer, victory, and peace: participate in the history and win the rare pets & mount treasure.

Tame monsters and level up

Tame monsters that you can level up and take on your adventures. Take good care of them to forge everlasting bonds and loyalty. Challenge powerful spirits, slaughter the servants of an evil entity, and conquer dark strongholds to achieve victory and ultimately peace for all.

Enhance and upgrade your hero

Customize your appearance with a variety of clothes, colours and interesting items to raise your hero’s power. These enhancements and upgrades can be conferred onto your hero, goddess companion, pet, mount and even your wings.

Join a guild, add friends and start the adventure together

Goddess MUA actually offers a linear storyline that centres around the Goddesses or companions you take with you to battle. You can even choose one of your in-game friends to have a close virtual relationship with that results in more gifting opportunities, a chance of entering marriage, and even having kids based on your intimacy level.

Joining a guild also comes with a plethora of benefits. The Guild Stash feature lets you donate gears you no longer needed, to earn points that can be used to redeem better gears can be a huge boost to your progress.

Recharge Ingots on Codashop

Goddess MUA Ingots are now available on Codashop! Enjoy a #BetterFasterSafer top-up experience with payment channels from bank transfer, direct carrier billing (Digi, Celcom, Maxis and U Mobile), e-wallet to debit/ credit card.

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