Wild Rift Patch 2.1 is here! New Champions, Spectator Mode, and more



League of Legends: Wild Rift has been on a tear since its release last year. Now with the release of its latest update in Patch 2.1, players are in for a surefire hit with exciting features like the Spectator Mode plus new Champions, skins, and more! Let’s take a look at what Riot has in store for us.

New Champions

Xayah, The Rebel (Marksman)

Image credit: Riot Games

As part of a Vastayan duo, Xayah is a revolutionary who is out to wage a personal war to save her people. Xayah falls under the marksman class — she is fast and cunning and makes excellent use of her feather blades to slice through enemies especially in the Dragon Lane. She is a force to be reckoned with when she teams up with her partner and lover, Rakan who is also a new Support champion.

Rakan, The Charmer (Support)

Image credit: Riot Games

Rakan is a new Support Champion in Wild Rift. He is a notorious troublemaker who is also famed for being the greatest battle-dancer in Lhotlan tribal history. Together with his partner in crime, Xayah, they strive hard to restore Vastaya’s heritage. Rakan is an enchanter support who specializes in charming enemies and creating a shield for allies.

Other Champions expected to arrive very soon are Leona, Diana, and Pantheon!

New Features

Welcome Event

Spectator Mode

Perhaps one of the most sought-after feature of patch 2.1 is the addition of Spectator Mode. Players will finally be able to watch other players’ matches! Moreover, this development will prove beneficial in the growing Esports scene, particularly the coaches, organizers and the millions of fans.

Image credit: Riot Games

Some important notes about Spectator Mode include: 

*Players need to be friends in order to spectate a matachmade game.
*You must have the same game version to spectate a player.
*Players can have the option to turn off ‘Allow Spectators” in the game settings menu.
*The map will always be oriented with Baron Lane (at the top) and the Dragon Lane (at the bottom) when spectating.
*There will be 3-minute delay when spectating a matchmade game to avoid spoilers. However, in Custom games there will be no delay with three spectator slots available.


This function will allow players to replay their previous matches. Playback will be available for your last 50 matches. It has a new HUD feature to show both teams’ items, gold earned and more. Replays will be most useful when reviewing plays, analyzing matches to gain more insights and simpy to relive those awesome moments in the game.

New Skins

Summoners who love to collect amazing skins are in for a treat. Patch 2.1 ushers in two skin lines to give your favourite Champions a brand new look! The Omega Squad skin line and the Project skin line will be released during this period which will surely hype up players! Other skins that will be released throughout the patch include Lunar Beast Alistar, Lunar Beast Annie, Lunar Beast Darius, Lunar Beast Fiora, Lunar Beast Jarvan IV, Lunar Beast Miss Fortune, Panda Teemo, Cosmic Dawn Rakan, Cosmic Dusk Xayah, Heartseeker Vayne, Sweetheart Rakan, Sweetheart Sona, and Sweetheart Xayah.

New & Upcoming Events

Wild Rift will hold two new events in this patch. The Lunar Beast event is running this February while the Path of Ascension event will happen in March.

Lunar Hunt
The Lunar Beast Event. Image Credit: Riot Games

All this cool stuff and more are available with the latest patch so make sure to update your game now. For a complete list of the patch notes including Champion adjustments, items and other gameplay features, check the full details here.

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