Wild Rift Lunar Hunt Final Mission: Who took the pistols?


Lunar Hunt - FB Cover Photo

As night came, the Lunar New Year celebrations began. Fireworks lit up the sky. Alistar took cover because he was afraid that sparks might burn his horns.

Everyone was having fun and making noise. Lion dances filled the streets. Jarvan IV joked that he can dance better, but Miss Fortune was not convinced. With her famous quote she said “Don’t get cocky!”

After the festivities, the group went back inside. All of a sudden, Miss Fortune started screaming – the pistols are missing! Everyone searched the place except for Alistar… After an hour of searching, they still haven’t found the pistols. Miss Fortune was sure she left them on the table.

Just as everyone was about to panic, gunshots were heard outside. It was followed by a streaking noise that sent a loud explosion with colorful sparkles up across the sky.

“More fireworks?”, Fiora asked.

Miss Fortune started laughing to everyone’s surprise! “Hahahaha! I think I know where the pistols are!”

A few meters from the backyard, someone familiar is seen shooting at a pole tied with several fireworks. “What?”, Alistar said. “I didn’t want to burn myself trying to light all these fireworks so I took the pistols to ignite them.”

Everyone burst in laughter and relief as the pistols were safe and sound.



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