League of Legends: Wild Rift Champion Guide Zoe


Wild Rift Champion Guide Zoe

Zoe was once a normal kid from the monasteries of Mount Targon. Her joyful, mischievous, and creative quirks delighted The Aspect of Twilight, who decided to give her a glimpse of the universe and an experience of different dimensions. Out of curiosity, Zoe willfully jumped into the portal and merged with the Aspect, acquiring powers that let her shift through realities at will.


As a mage who’s both mobile and explosive, Zoe naturally shines in the mid-lane. Her abilities make it easy to clear minion waves and burst down enemies in one hit. Her Ultimate lets her join team fights without putting herself in trouble, and what’s even more remarkable is that she can steal abilities with her second skill.

More Sparkles! (Passive) – after using an ability, Zoe’s next attack deals additional magic damage. 

Paddle Star! (Q) – Zoe fires a star that deals increasing damage the further it travels to the first enemy hit. Enemies surrounding the target receive 80% damage. Zoe can recast this Ability to redirect the star to a new location near her.

Spell Thief (W) – Passive: Enemies drop spell shards when casting a Spell or using a Boot Enchantment. Specific minions also drop spell shards when Zoe or a nearby ally kills them. Zoe can pick up this shard to cast that Ability once. 

Passive: When Zoe casts this Ability or any Spell, she gains a movement speed increase for a few seconds and tosses 3 missiles at the enemy she attacked most recently.

Active: Cast the Ability from a spell shard Zoe has picked up.

Sleepy Trouble Bubble (E) – after a delay, the victim falls Asleep for 2 seconds. Attacks and Ability hits wake them up, dealing bonus true damage. Before the target falls Asleep, they are Drowsy, becoming increasingly slowed. 

Portal Jump (Ultimate/R) – Zoe teleports to a nearby position for 1 second. Afterwards, she teleports back. Zoe can use Abilities and attack but can’t move during this time. 

How to play Zoe

Make the most of your wave-clearing abilities in the early game, and try to roam once your minions reach the enemy tower. Paddle Star! works like a slingshot, dealing more damage the further you place it away from your opponents, so always place it manually. Remember to sneak in a basic attack before and after you send it flying so you can proc your Passive two times.

Put kills in the bag by lulling your opponents to sleep with Sleepy Trouble Bubble and then enhancing your Paddle Star! damage with Portal Jump or Flash.

  1. Take lane control by clearing minion waves.
  2. Poke enemies with Paddle Star! then finish them with a full combo.
  3. Roam whenever possible and take advantage of Spell Thief and Portal Jump’s mobility.

Pros and Cons

Wild Rift Zoe Gameplay


  • Can place wards safely with Portal Jump.
  • Scales greatly and can take down some opponents in one hit.
  • Excellent at zoning and maintaining lane control.


  • Squishy
  • Paddle Star! skill shots require precise positioning to work.
  • Has no escape abilities.

Item build

Wild Rift Zoe Build

Since Portal Jump lets you join a fight without the risk of being in a risky position, we can focus on stacking Ability Power to increase her Paddle Star! damage even further. Flash is a must for her as this will be the only means of escape she’ll have against ganks. 

Build an early Luden’s Echo to increase your Ability Power and extend your Mana pool. Pack more damage with Prophet’s Pendant’s 15% Magic Penetration and upgrade it to an Infinity Orb in the late game. 

  • Luden’s Echo – +85 Ability Power, +300 Max Mana, +20 Ability Haste. Grants Discordic Echo effect which builds Discord, as you move and cast abilities. At 100 Discord, you deal increased magic damage on your next attack.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap – +110 Ability Power. Increases Ability Power by 40%.
  • Ionian Stasis – +40 Move Speed, +15% Ability Haste. Reduces spell cooldowns by 15%. Activate to become invulnerable for 2.5 seconds.
  • Infinity Orb – +85 Ability Power. +5% Move Speed, +15 Magic Penetration. Abilities and empowered attacks Critically Strike for 20% against enemies below 35% Health.
  • Void Staff – +70 Ability Power, +45% Magic Penetration.
  • Horizon Focus – 150 Max Health, +80 Ability Power, +15 Ability Haste. Marks enemies when you hit them. Detonates at 3 stacks.


  • Ignite – ignites enemy champion, dealing true damage for 5 seconds and reduces Healing and Regeneration effects.
  • Flash – Teleport a short distance toward the aimed direction.


Zoe’s swift combinations make Electrocute the best Keystone rune option. Pick up Sudden Impact to increase your combo’s firepower, Nullifying Orb for survival, and Nimbus Cloak for increased Movement Speed.

  • Electrocute – hitting a champion with 3 separate attacks or abilities in 3 seconds deals bonus adaptive damage.
  • Sudden Impact – after using a teleport effect, damaging a champion grants 10 Magic Penetration for 4 seconds.
  • Nullifying Orb – If you take damage from a champion that causes you to fall below 35% of your maximum health, gain a shield for 4 seconds.
  • Nimbus Cloak – After using a Spell, gain a Movement Speed bonus for 3 seconds.

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