Why Identity V is the perfect Halloween game and more


Identity V

Halloween is just around the corner. What a way to align with the pumpkins and spiders and set the tone for all things spooky than playing Identity V, a brilliant survival horror multiplayer mystery from Netease. Its gothic visuals reflect the Victorian era highlighted with heart-thumping gameplay and suspenseful storyline. 

If you’re a big fan of Tim Burton (yay! for Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas), this game delivers all the feels.. And creeps. 

Scare Tactics

The gripping background begins with a player acting as a private detective/former fiction writer who lost his memory. After receiving a cryptic letter about an abandoned estate and the search for a missing girl, he goes on a journey to uncover the truth. Along the way, something horrifying surfaces.

As you explore the manor and complete numerous objectives, you’ll start to piece together clues that eventually lead to a sinister game — the one that holds the answer to the biggest questions.

More Players, More Fun

Identity V features an asymmetrical multiplayer element. This means that different players can play different roles. It’s unlike most multiplayer games where players normally do the same thing and play it the same way.

Gather friends and family and play simultaneously with the 1v4 setup. Players can take on the role of a Survivor or a Hunter. As a Survivor, you team up with 3 other players to flee from the ruthless Hunter. You must decode cipher machines, open exit gates and escape.

When you play as the Hunter, your main priority is to prevent Survivors from escaping. You also need to slow down cipher machines from decoding. Be familiar with all your killing prowess to capture and torment all those poor Survivors.

Players can choose from multiple, customizable characters as they progress. Each one has their own unique skills and intriguing backstories worth exploring. By the way, the game is free to download for Android, iOS and PC users.

Cartoon + Horror = Big Hit

Perhaps Identity V’s biggest draw is its rage gameplay. Its execution is mellowed by the cartoon characters and its dynamics. Imagine you’re a Survivor — being struck with blunt objects by the Hunter, gets dizzy, tied to a rocket chair and shot straight into the air. It’s so extreme yet the manner is done softly that it shadows the violence. And there is practically no gore whatsoever. These gentle elements of horror counter with its own appeal. 

Game visuals, audio cues and overall dark components heighten the gameplay to make the storyline more effective. It guarantees an adrenaline rush that compels you to complete one scary mission after the other. The backside is interesting and filled with depth. You will come across scenes that teach more about the detective and the valuable lessons attributed to his persona.

Identity V also fosters good teamwork. Do your best to save your teammates in time before he goes skyrocketing into the air (where he’ll be eliminated). Work together in order to escape. You can also chat with your team for better communication and strategy.

With all things said, please beware that this game can still scare kids. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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