Turning Japanese: New VALORANT Oni Skin Bundle Out Now



In less than a month, who would’ve thought that the brainiacs from Riot Games are at it again after its blazing Elderflame dragon skin debut. This time they went oriental and launched the VALORANT Oni Skin Bundle.

The set includes five weapon skins, a gun buddy, an in-game spray, and a player card. The weapon skins are available for Phantom, Guardian, Bucky, Shorty and Melee weapon, bannered by the first ever evolving Phantom skin. The aesthetic is inspired by the Oni – a famous ogre in Japanese folklore – emblazoned at the rear of the guns.

Video Credits: 4TheForge

Mesmerizing game effects

In terms of cosmetics and animation, the Oni Bundle does not disappoint. As players upgrade the weapons with Radianite Points, the game effects evolve as well. A smoky green glow arises from the Oni’s face coupled with flashes of light during reloading.

But wait, there’s more! Prepare for a samurai showdown and watch out for the Finisher. Hapless souls who fall prey to an Oni gun will turn into a masked spirit, as swords rain down from the sky that lock the enemy in chains. Imagine an intense gunfight where an illustrious scene reminiscent of one of Japan’s popular figures with matching iconic sound fx, suddenly pops out. Now that’s majestic!

Bundle cost

Players can get their hands on the new collection from the in-game store at a bundle price of 7100 VALORANT Points. They can also be purchased individually at the following cost:

Oni Melee: 3550 VP
Oni Bucky: 1775 VP
Oni Shorty: 1775 VP
Oni Phantom: 1775 VP
Oni Guardian: 1775 VP
Oni Animated Spray: 325 VP (FREE with the Bundle)
Oni Gunbuddy: 475 VP (FREE with the Bundle)
Oni Player Card: 375 VP (FREE with the Bundle)

To upgrade the guns with different colorways including white, green, black and red (default), you need to shell out on Radianite Points. It’ll cost around 10-15 RP each.

Parting shots

Our main takeaway remains: buying the bundle will definitely save you money, but be sure that you are familiar and at ease in using all the weapons to make your purchase count. Riot is definitely flexing out on its creative inputs to put more flare on the playing field. The future looks bright for VALORANT and we can just expect more surprises from them soon.

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