PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0: 5 Things You Need to Know


PUBG Update 0.19.0

With the release of the PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0 early this July, players are in for some humongous changes that’ll shake up the playing field. New map, new mode, new gameplay settings. Here are some of our noteworthy picks for this edition.

But before you jump in, please note that the new update requires almost 1.84GB of storage space for Android aficionados, while iOS users need extra 2.13GB of space to get the good stuff.

  • First Exclusive Map for mobile devices

The most notable addition for this sizable update is the brand new map called Livik. It’s a lush, Nordic-inspired island which measures quite smaller at just 2×2 kilometers, with diverse areas and a waterfall. It supports a 50-player frenzy for some serious battle royale combat. It will have shorter, 15-minute matches that’s an absolute thrill for those who revel in the fast-paced action.

Players will be required to do more quick thinking, as the smaller area brings in high enemy clusters. Plan your loot and plan your route to avoid getting killed early in the game. Expect to come across more enemies so always watch your back.

  • Dibs on new weapons

There’s no better way to break new ground than to have map-exclusive weapons. Trek the Livik path and get your hands on the rapid-fire P90 SMG – wipe out your foes with this perfect close-combat companion. Players also get the Mk12 marksman rifle if they opt to do safe, long-distance precision killing.

  • Ride the monster

Bring the pedal to the metal with the addition of the Monster Truck. Clear terrain and outmanoeuvre danger zones to reach safe haven faster with this 4-wheel beast. However, take note that this vehicle has its pros and cons. It brings more mobility and can guarantee safer travels, but its juggernaut size and blaring sound make it way too easy to be spotted by enemies.

  • New mode mayhem

The Armory Arena mode will surely electrify players with its insane rendition of Gun Game. This 5v5 mode will have players rotate between 18 different weapons, each user getting a new weapon to toy around each time they get a kill. Need more motivation to shoot better? Take your (trigger) pick.

  • Customize your kill

A bit awkward-sounding, but this update is a delightful addition to the game. Players can now personalize and select between 4 kill effect colors, including green, red and yellow. This highly anticipated feature is a gamechanger and makes for gritty encouragement to improve kill count. In addition, the kill feed can now be adjusted on any part of the screen via the control menu.

There you have it. What’s your favorite feature in the new update so far? Let us know.

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