These MLBB heroes will best make use of the War Axe


MLBB heroes will best make use of the War Axe

These heroes will go berserk when they put on this new item

Do you feel like your MLBB hero still underperforms and comes up short during matches? Have you: checked if you have the correct emblem? Selected the best pick to counter the enemy lineup? Have you carefully thought of your equipment build? We might just have the answer for you — the War Axe. This new item is best equipped by fighters that need good sustainability and extra damage. 

This is the War Axe, the longer it fights, the stronger it gets. For those who still haven’t tried it yet, give this one a read.

Tale of the Axe

This battleaxe has been wielded by the Leonins’ ancestors as they resisted the Abyss forces, along with the Elves. When they could fight no longer, the weapon and its power fell into a deep slumber. As of late, it has been awoken by the rage and the battle spirit of a certain Leonin warrior. With this, it is unleashed upon the battlefield once again.

Weapon Stats:

  • +45 Physical ATK
  • +550 HP
  • +10% CD Reduction
  • Cost: 1980 Gold

Unique Passive – Fighting Spirit: Enter a battle stance upon dealing damage to any enemy unit. This increases the hero’s Physical Attack by 9 and Physical Penetration by 3 each second for 3s, to a max of 8 stacks (Marksmen/Mages/Supports only receive half of these stacked effects); full stacks also increasing Movement Speed by 20%.

Fighters can significantly benefit from using the War Axe. The ability to stack up to 8 times (max), gives extra Physical Attack and Penetration to make your hero nastier and their damage more painful! Check out the following heroes that can benefit most from this new item!



The Firaga Armor is certainly back in (ranked) action! And with the War Axe, not only will he blaze through the battle, he can certainly last in the fight even in long stretches of the game. 

Build the War Axe first, as it magnifies X.Borg’s physical attack and penetration. Its unique passive works great with his First Skill, making his Fire Missiles more painful to sweep across team fights. Moreover, the extra movement speed from this new item helps X.Borg to catch up on his prey. You can also equip Immortality to have better survival chances especially when you play him in the side lanes.

Extra tip: Pair X.Borg with Rafaela on your team to get additional movement speed and slow effect.



Make a good note of this: the Bloody Beast is back in business with the recent buff that significantly reduced the cooldown of his Second Skill. Players can now spam his Cyclone Sweep faster, which we know is his main damage dealer. He can also use it to easily cut lanes because of the lower CD.

The War Axe works great as Balmond’s first item because he tends to stay longer in battle and is also built tough. Remember that the War Axe gets stronger the longer it fights. His second skill also benefits from it, activating its unique passive for extra physical attack. This is a big advantage especially in early game, where you can cut lanes easily, annoying enemy junglers to delay their farming and minion wave clearing.



The revamped Monkey King will go from bananas to serious business when he has the War Axe on! This fearless fighter can summon multiple doppelgangers that can easily overwhelm enemies, especially the squishy ones. Speaking of which, Sun’s doppelgangers can benefit from the War Axe’s unique passive, getting increased physical attack which means they can land higher and nastier damage.

As the passive of War Axe is stacking, you and your clones will have increased damage. This is most useful when engaging during critical fights. If you build this item early on, imagine trying to survive 3 Suns hitting you back and forth especially in early game.



Another ferocious fighter who can benefit from the War Axe is Thamuz, the Lord of Lava! The War Axe can stack additional damage to strengthen most of his attacks, giving Thamuz that extra bite to punish his enemies.

Thamuz mains can use the War Axe as their first damage item. Its passive effect can stay longer with Thamuz’s gush of lava which deals true damage. It also produces extra movement speed to help Thamuz escape or catch fallen enemies.



Finally, if you think that fighters are the only ones who can get the edge from using the War Axe, think again. Claude, the Master Thief himself, can give this new item space in his equipment build. Given the fact that it only gives Marksman heroes half of the stacked effects, we still feel that Claude can make excellent use of it.

We know that Claude can be difficult to catch, given his great mobility plus his second skill that allows him to switch places. Claude mains can actually gear up the War Axe from mid game and spam its movement speed bonus to complement his first skill. Give him a defense item (like the Brute Force Breastplate) to make him even peskier as the game goes on.

*All images credit: Moonton / Mobile Legends

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