Soloz Special Merdeka Mobile Legends Bang Bang Emote



Soloz Special Merdeka Mobile Legends Bang Bang Emote

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Brace yourself Malaysians ?? Mobile Legends Bang Bang has released a Malaysia national day themed in-game emote to celebrate the national day with players. Starting from 26th August, MLBB players can obtain the emote by logging on for more than five (5) days.

The emote features the Malaysian Hero – Badang – waving the national flag. Badang is the first Malaysian hero in MLBB and was released in January, 2019. Voicing the character is Soloz, a prolific figure in the Malaysian esports scene. He has been streaming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang since 2016.

“I am thrilled to receive the opportunity to be the first Malaysian to voice a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang character,” stated Soloz (Faris Zakaria).

“I am looking forward to watching the fans spam or use the emote during matches. It was a fun experience voicing the emote, and I hope for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Malaysia fans to look out for it.” 

Let’s see what’s special with this new in-game emote below!

Emote Features 

  1. The emote is dynamic, there will be blue and red ribbons flying around the flag of Malaysia.
  2. Well-known Malaysian influencer Soloz recorded his voice in BM for the emote. This is the first emote to feature BM in the game.
  3. Players will obtain MY national day emote for free when they login for 5 days from August 26 to September 1.

Besides the free emote, the Transformers collaboration event is live from August 21 to September 12, players can participate in lucky spins to win time-limited Transformer skins, and also complete event objectives for more in-game items.

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