Skin Wars: Grading the new MLBB Cyclops ‘Master Yoda’ limited skin


MLBB Cyclops ‘Master Yoda’ limited skin

Plus, we check how the game Yoda fares to an iconic Yoda movie appearance.

Cyclops mains, read carefully you must. Have you obtained the MLBB Master Yoda limited skin? This post will review what the new skin puts on the table and see if Star Wars fans will also salute. Is it worth it? Is the force strong with this one? We’ll also do a quick hyperdrive to know how the game version stacks up to an iconic Star Wars movie appearance.

New skin features

If you’ve earned the Master Yoda skin, you deserve these wise words from Cyclops himself: “You got a good taste!”. The limited-time MLBB x Star Wars event is one for the ages, which fans from both franchises should take advantage.

Cyclops - Yoda

The new skin completely transforms our one-eyed Starsoul Magician into Master Yoda, the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order. His basic attack now features what looks like bouts of lightning bolts per hit. We can also see Cyclops completely running on his feet instead of his usual tiny hops. Best of all, his default new look is made cooler with him wielding his famous lightsaber. Let’s check out the new skill effects.

Passive: Starlit Hourglass

Passive Starlit Hourglass

What’s evident here is that whenever Cyclops casts a skill, you’ll be able to see Yoda’s true powers, including what looks like a Force Shockwave kicking in. Each skill also reflects sound effects in true Star Wars fashion.

First Skill: Stardust Shock

First Skill Stardust Shoc

Here, instead of casting shock waves made of a crescent moon and an hourglass, the Master Yoda variant will see him hurling a spinning Lightsaber while levitating chunks of heavy matter towards his enemies. We imagine a Lightsaber Impale!

Second Skill: Planets Attack

Second Skill Planets Attack

Instead of the usual starlight sphere spinning around him, the new skin lets Master Yoda summon his powerful telekinesis to command heavy matter that circles him before finally blasting towards the enemy.

Ultimate Skill: Star Power Lockdown

Ultimate Skill Star Power Lockdown

Cyclops’ normal gigantic magic sphere that chases and locks down a target is now completely replaced with what looks like a ball of force lightning that immediately immobilizes enemies. A virtual Yoda transmission also pops up on top of the enemy to signal that they are locked in. 

The verdict

While the overall look plus the animation is stuffed with Star Wars vibe, we honestly feel that his new ultimate could have been emphasized more to show the true power of the Force. Other than that, we see every inch of Master Yoda in this new skin. Completing the overall look is a brand new hero quote where you can hear Cyclops say the iconic line: “May the force be with you.” in true Master Yoda vocals. We rate it an 8.5 out of 10.

Head-to-Head: MLBB Yoda & Yoda from Episode II: Attack of the Clones

The special MLBB x Star Wars event made it possible for fans to finally play a classic Star Wars character in the Land of Dawn. For some reason, we think of this Master Yoda version next to our beloved Episode II: Attack of the Clones Yoda.

  • For one, the Mobile Legends version highlights some of Yoda’s most powerful skills, including (what appears to be) force lightning and even telekinesis. We definitely can’t say no to that!
  • We’re also thrilled that the MLBB variant speaks actual Yoda. It would’ve been cooler if he had extra lines like “Named must be your fear before banish it you can.”. For some cosmic reason, we think it’s an excellent alternative to Cyclops’ “Where there is life, there is movement.” quote.
  • Master Yoda holding a lightsaber has Star Wars written all over it. It would have blown our minds, though if he used it to the point that he does a lightsaber impale! Wishful thinking.

But at the end of the day, we still think that the Attack of the Clones Yoda is still parsecs away. His command of the Force, the display of fighting skills, his telekinesis (being tested to its limits), and of course, his acrobatic lightsaber duel with Count Dooku is simply phenomenal. Not to mention the other Yoda-isms he displayed during the epic battle. This goes without saying that the game version itself has an enormous potential to become a classic hit in years to come.

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