Seven easy Free Fire tips for climbing Heroic rank this season



Free Fire is a battle royale game that features 50 players parachuting onto an island to loot for weapons and equipment, use special skills and shoot enemies to become the last man standing. A skill-based ranking system for this ultimate survival shooter game helps separate the man from the boy, the veteran from the noob. In this post, we’ll share tips to help you climb Heroic Rank before the season comes to a close.

How to climb Heroic Rank in Free Fire fast

Free Fire Rank Tier

Free Fire Rank Score

As the second-highest rank tier in the game (first being Grand Master), you will need to focus and earn a score of 3200 and higher to get the title. While it might seem like an uphill climb to many players, there are several ways to progress and push your rank to Heroic.

Play with a squad

You know how the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Pushing for Heroic is a challenging and sometimes daunting task. But it can be easier if you can find a good team. Play duo or a squad to make coordination smoother. Each member can focus on weapon specialization to make the attacks more efficient. It also helps to synergize character abilities much better.

Play more games

While you’re at it with your friends, continue to play more games. As you rack up more matches, you’ll be able to accumulate more points to reach the required score for Heroic. It will also give you more experience to improve weapon usage, character abilities, and other strategies. Moreover, you’ll also get significant rewards as you rank up.

Strategize and play objectively

“Kill many, die early” is a big no! While scoring more kills is excellent, it does not necessarily help you get more points if you don’t reach the end of the match. Be careful when rushing to be in the middle of the battle. Don’t be greedy; playing smart pays more dividends. Analyze the situation to get a better shot. Pick up a vehicle to move faster. Remember that getting the booyah is more critical to bring you more points.

Find your safe place to land

Landing safe matters. Always consider that the moment you set foot on the ground, you are immediately at war. If you want to push for your rank, you can’t immediately die right after you land. Find a spot where it’ll be more accessible and safer for you to loot and prep for the big battle ahead. Remember that you don’t die early; you stand to get good ranking points. Easy tip: pay attention to the player count while on the plane to know when you will time your jump and where others are headed.

Loot effectively

You don’t go to any battle empty-handed and expect to win. Looting is one of the most critical aspects of the game – getting weapons and equipment early in the game will be your key to winning. Get medkits to help you survive longer. Share items with teammates to become more effective. When going for airdrops, make sure to scout the area for enemies before you rummage for supplies.

Survive until the end

Surviving until the very end is easier said than done. While we agree on that, this strategy is a great way to help you gather more ranking points. Survive first, loot later. Camp when you have to. Playing passively is playing smartly. Your main objective to reach Heroic is to tally more wins as much as possible. If you consistently get the booyah’s, you’ll be surprised at how big your progress has grown.

Pick the best characters

As you work your way to the top, it pays to use well-rounded characters to help you get the Booyah. We have several picks in mind to help you with your grind.

Skyler Free Fire

Skyler: His special ability, called Riptide Rhythm, is an excellent help for a team as it can destroy 5 Gloo Walls within a 50m range. It can also enhance HP regeneration for every Gloo Wall deployed. Skyler is a character fir for players who want a more balanced approach to the game.

K Free Fire

K: The professor and Jiu-Jitsu expert is also a solid pick to help you reach Heroic rank. If you use his Master of All special ability, you can get 50 EP regeneration. This is a great combination to compliment both offense and defense for every team.

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