Own a ‘space gun’ now with the new VALORANT Nebula skins!


VALORANT Nebula Skin

Ground control to Major Tom, Riot Games is at it again! This time they brought the cosmos straight to your fingertips with the release of the Nebula skin collection. One thing’s for sure, the quality of these weapon skins is top-notch celestial. Get to know firsthand what’s included in this set and prepare yourself to trigger the galaxy.

The weapon skins are intricately designed with a space theme featuring a reflective purple and green effect. Each weapon is made to look like it’s taken straight from the universe. Each item is decked with stars, quasars, black holes and other galactic elements to achieve a psychedelic, planetary feel. The Nebula collection gives a refreshing and bold new meaning to the words ‘space gun’.

Price and Inclusions

As part of the Nebula Bundle, those who purchase will get four gun skins including Ares, Sheriff, Phantom and Guardian. A melee weapon (knife) is also included. They are all considered premium tier skins and will cost 1775 VP each, while the knife is available for 3550 VP. You can get the entire bundle set at a more affordable price of 7100 VP.

How to buy the Nebula Collection?

To buy the new Nebula skin collection, you need to go to the in-game store from the main menu. From there, select the item you wish to purchase, either individually or as a bundle. Take note that you need to have enough VALORANT Points (VP) to acquire them.

Final frontier

Is the Nebula Bundle worth the price tag? Two points to consider. First, the bundle does not have an option for Radianite upgrades, meaning it does not come with a stunning Finisher effect. Some might say, ‘Houston, we have (a slight) problem’.

However, with that in mind, this set is more affordable compared to the grand Elderflame Bundle (9900 VP). Design-wise, the entire Nebula collection is unique and extremely cool to look at. Taking it to battle will surely draw the ohhs and ahhs. I mean, you have a whole galaxy dazzling across your arsenal, that’s pretty gnarly.

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