Immortal Legends: Top MLBB Heroes Viable in Every Meta


MLBB Viable Meta HeroesIf you’re a fan of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) or any online game with a competitive element, you know how important it is to know which characters are in the meta. Essentially, the meta refers to the current trends and strategies of the game, and it changes from time to time as developers introduce new updates and patches. Therefore, heroes that are considered strong and effective in one meta may not be as dominant in the next. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is no different, and some heroes have stood the test of time and remained relevant in every meta. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most legendary MLBB heroes who shine no matter what the current meta is:

Top MLBB Heroes Viable in Every Meta



Ever since Chou was introduced to the game, his rise to status as an MLBB meta-hero has been consistently on the rise. Chou’s versatility makes him a popular pick in all metas, and his ability to disrupt enemy movements and control the battlefield is unmatched. You can create a variety of lethal combinations with his kit, all of which are capable of taking down enemy heroes in a matter of seconds. A basic Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Skill 1 combo is effective at juggling enemies until you unleash your ultimate to finish them off. Once an enemy hero is caught by Chou, they have little chance of escaping.

Chou’s mobility and crowd control abilities make him a nightmare for the enemy team, and he can easily dive into the backline to take out squishy targets. Chou’s ultimate ability, “The Way of the Dragon,” allows him to knock an enemy up and deal massive damage, making him a lethal threat in team fights.


Gusion MLBB

A high-mobility burst hero will always have a place in any team composition, and Gusion fits that bill perfectly. With his unique ability to teleport short distances and deal massive amounts of burst damage, Gusion is a force to be reckoned with in the game. Gusion’s first two skills allow him to deal massive amounts of damage to enemies from a safe distance, while his ultimate, Incandescence, resets the cooldown of his skills and allows him to teleport again, making him even more elusive and deadly. The amount of burst damage you can unleash when you combine all of his skills in the right order and timing is truly devastating, making Gusion a nightmare for squishy heroes. Due to his well-designed kit, he can assume almost any role in the team, from roamer or jungler to dominating in the Exp and Gold lanes.


Fanny Royal Cavalry MLBB

Fanny is a high-skill ceiling hero that requires a lot of practice to master, and that’s probably the only reason why not many players favour her. She can be hard to wield and requires a lot of mechanical skill and game sense. But once you’ve mastered her mobility skills, she can become an unstoppable force in the game. Fanny’s biggest strength is her ability to dive into the enemy team, deal massive amounts of damage, and then escape before anyone can react. This makes her an excellent pick for players who are confident in their ability to outplay their opponents. However, she can also be a liability if played poorly, as her lack of sustain and squishiness can make her an easy target for enemy heroes.


Khufra Dreadful Clown MLBB

As far as Tanks go, Khufra is one of the most versatile and reliable heroes in almost any situation. He has excellent crowd-control abilities, making him an excellent pick for players who want to control the battlefield. Khufra’s ultimate ability, Tyrant’s Rage, can knock up and stun multiple enemies, making it a game-changing move in team fights. His mobility and durability also make him a great choice for initiating team fights and protecting his allies. Overall, Khufra is a reliable and strong tank that can fit well into any team composition.



Pharsa is a mage hero with a unique playstyle that requires good positioning and map awareness. She might be the queen of the Crow people, according to her lore, but she’s also the undisputed queen of burst damage among mages. No matter which hero she’s faced with, hell will rain down upon them with her ultimate skill, Feathered Air Strike. This skill allows her to rain down a barrage of magic missiles onto enemies from afar, dealing massive damage to anyone caught in its path. Pharsa may be a squishy hero, but her range and burst damage potential make her a deadly threat in team fights. However, her ultimate skill has a long cooldown, so timing and positioning are crucial when playing Pharsa. Overall, Pharsa is a high-risk, high-reward hero that can deal massive damage if played correctly.


MLBB Diggie

Diggie may look like a cute and harmless bird, but he is a powerful support hero with a unique set of abilities. He is a master of disruption, able to control the battlefield and protect his allies with ease. Diggie’s ultimate ability, Time Journey, makes him and his teammates immune to crowd control effects for about three seconds, allowing them to move freely and attack without fear of being stunned or slowed. He is also a great hero for beginners, as his abilities are easy to use, and he can help keep his allies alive even if they make mistakes. Overall, Diggie is a valuable addition to any team and a hero that should not be underestimated.

Niche Heroes Worth Mentioning

The MLBB meta practically represents the most popular heroes in the roster based on how reliable and effective they are in various roles and situations. However, there are some niche heroes that are worth mentioning for their unique playstyles and potential impact on the game.

  1. Aldous – Aldous is a hero that can quickly become a game-changer if played correctly. He has a passive ability that allows him to gain stacks every time he kills a minion or enemy hero, and once he reaches a certain number of stacks, his attack power and movement speed are significantly increased. This makes Aldous a late-game monster, capable of dealing massive damage to enemies and taking down towers in a matter of seconds. Despite being nerfed a couple of times, he remains a viable pick in the right hands. However, you really need to get those stacks early on to make him work.
  2. Kadita – Kadita is a hero that excels in team fights and can easily turn the tide of battle in her team’s favour. She has a powerful ultimate ability that allows her to ride the waves while she is immune to control effects. She also has a passive ability that allows her to heal herself every time she uses a skill, making her a durable hero that can withstand a lot of punishment. If you combine all of her skills, you can easily knock multiple opponents airborne and burst them down with the right timing. She goes in and out of the meta and has proven to be quite hard to counter if you’re not aware of her abilities.
  3. Jawhead – Jawhead’s place in the meta is often overlooked due to his unique playstyle and niche abilities. But that’s exactly what makes him a great pick for throwing off the enemy team. Jawhead has the ability to grab an enemy hero and throw them in the direction of his choosing. This can be used to separate enemy heroes from their team, throw them into your own team for an easy kill, or even throw them under a tower for a quick kill. It’s easily one of the best ways to cause panic and chaos in the enemy team, and if used correctly, it can turn the tide of battle in your favour. 

The Importance of Adaptability and Flexibility in MLBB

When playing MLBB, it’s essential to be adaptable and flexible in your hero picks and playstyle. The meta is constantly changing, and what works one day may not work the next. Being able to adjust your strategy and hero picks based on the situation is crucial for success.

For example, if your team needs a tank, but you’re the only player left to pick, it’s important to be flexible and choose a hero that can fill that role, even if it’s not your preferred playstyle. Additionally, being able to adapt to the enemy team’s composition and playstyle can give you a significant advantage. If the enemy team is focusing on split pushing, you may need to adjust your strategy to defend your towers and clear minion waves quickly.

Overall, being adaptable and flexible in your hero picks and playstyle can make all the difference in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It allows you to stay ahead of the meta, counter the enemy team’s strategy, and ultimately lead your team to victory.

There are more than a hundred heroes in MLBB’s current roster, each with its own unique playstyle and abilities. Most of these heroes have had their time in the spotlight, but only a few have stood the test of time and remained relevant in every meta. It’s important to remember that while these heroes are powerful, they’re not invincible. Every hero has their strengths and weaknesses, and it’s up to the player to use them wisely and strategize accordingly. As the game continues to evolve, we can expect new heroes to join the ranks of legendary MLBB meta-heroes, and players will have to adapt and adjust their strategies accordingly.

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