Becoming an Expert with Edith: MLBB Hero Guide!

MLBB Edith

Welcome to the dynamic world of Mobile Legends, a famous multiplayer online battle arena game that brings together players from around the globe. In this article, we’re diving deep into mastering Edith, a mighty hero in Mobile Legends. Get ready to uncover the tips, tricks, and strategies to dominate the battlefield with Edith by your side. Let’s embark on this exciting journey of becoming an expert Edith player!

MLBB Uranus (1)

The Ancient Guard, Edith emerged as the Primal Sentinel entrusted with guarding the imprisoned Evil Deities on Sanctum Island. Following an earthquake that roused her from slumber and fragmented her memory, she found solace under the care of a kind-hearted foster father, surviving on salvaged remnants. A decade later, while aiding her foster father in scouring ruins for scraps, the sentinel of the sanctum, Elemental Titan Uranus, stood ready to repel the intruders. Edith’s memories surged back at that pivotal moment, yet her human essence eclipsed her divine origins. Fueled by a determination to safeguard her foster father, she engaged Uranus in a fierce clash. Amidst this battle, the Celestial Citadel crumbled, unshackling the imprisoned Evil Deities. With a heavy heart, Edith bid farewell to her foster father, embarking on a mission aboard her mechanized ally, “Phylax.” Her odyssey: to pursue the fleeing Evil Deities and restore harmony.

How to win with Edith

Unleashing Edith’s Abilities.

Edith has three active skills and one passive ability. Let’s analyse her talents and uncover her strength in the game.


Following the activation of each skill, Phylax enters an overloaded state for 3 seconds, during which its Basic Attacks unleash chain lightning. Up to four adversaries suffer 90 (+6 multiplied by Hero Level) (+40% of Total Magic Power) Magic Damage from this chain lightning. Minions, on the other hand, experience 150% damage from the chain lightning.

Spinning Lightwheel

Earth Shatter (Default)
In just 0.75 seconds, Edith directs Phylax to execute a powerful blow in a designated direction, inflicting 225-450 (+10% of Total HP) Physical Damage on hit enemies, launching them into the air for 1 second. Typical crowd control effects (except for Suppression) won’t disrupt this ability. Against minions, this capability deals damage enhanced by 120%.

Phantom Step

Edith inflicts 170-320 (+40% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to targeted enemies and 68-128 (+16% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to surrounding foes every half second over the next 1.5 seconds.

Speedy Lightwheel

Edith guides Phylax to dash in a specific direction, dealing 90-140 (+3% Total HP) Physical Damage to enemies along the way. Should Phylax encounter an enemy hero during this movement, it will briefly halt and toss them over its back, dealing 108-168 (+5% Total HP) Physical Damage.

Speedy Lightwheel

Edith releases a Lightning Bolt in a designated direction, dealing 150-300 (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the initial enemy hero hit and rendering them immobile for 0.8 seconds.

Speedy Lightwheel

Edith’s Wrath amplifies in response to the damage absorbed while encased within Phylax. Activating her skills propels her out of Phylax, repelling adjacent foes and providing a shield amounting to 350-650 (+8% Total HP) (+80% Total Magic Power). Subsequently, she embarks on a forward flight, enabling precise ranged Basic Attacks that deal 60-90 (+75% Total Physical ATK) (+25% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage with each hit.

While in Flight, Edith encounters a surge in Attack Speed by 50% to 150% and gains Magic Lifesteal of 10% to 30%. Additionally, her heightened Physical Defense and Extra Magic Defense are transformed into 2.5 Magic Power per point. The flight state lasts for 8 seconds and can be canceled by the user.

Recommended Emblem

The Tank Emblem is the best for Edith. If you’ve maxed out the Tank Emblem, put 3 points in Firmness to make your Physical Defense stronger by 12, and 2 points in Purity to boost your Magic Defense by 8%. Choose the Tenacity talent.

Reccomended Build For Edith

When using Edith your goal is to become as beefy as possible. Here is a recommended build 

    • Warriors Boots 
    • Dominance Ice
    • Oracle 
    • Thunder Belt
    • Immortality 
    • Endless Battle

Tips When using Edith

In the game’s early stages, at level 1, choose Skill 1 or 2 to poke at enemies. Keep pressuring them until they’re forced to use their abilities or recall.

Keep an eye on the map as the game progresses to the middle phase. Help your teammate grab buffs or secure the turtle objective. Dispatch minion waves swiftly and move to different spots to secure objectives.

In the late game, Edith becomes exceptionally dangerous after a short period. This is especially true when she activates her flight state; the damage she deals is somewhat OP during this state. She also blinks when her ultimate is cast, which can be used to dodge or chase enemies.


If you’re looking for a hero who can be both a tough tank and a strong marksman, Edith is the one you should choose! She’s flexible, really sturdy, and can deal much damage simultaneously. Follow the tips mentioned earlier, covering gameplay, items, and emblems – we’ve got everything covered. This way, you won’t have to worry about anything at all.

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