MLBB M4 World Championship: What Happens Next?


The Mobile Legends M4 Championship is finally over, with new legends Echo emerging as this year’s champions by dethroning Blacklist International in a battle for the ages. The M4 Grand Finals was filled with epic plays, intense team fights, and exciting moments that made it one of the best tournaments to date. With the tournament now over, all eyes are now on the future and what’s in store for the ever-growing Mobile Legends community.

Echo vs Blacklist Highlights

M4 Champions Team Echo MLBBImage credit: MLBB M4 official website

This year’s M4 Grand Finals was, in a way, meant to happen. It was the perfect setup for Echo as they fell prey to Blacklist International during the MPL Philippines league held last October. The Season 10 crown was won by Blacklist International, making them advance to the M4 Championship. Echo fell behind Blacklist in the tournament, but they still qualified for the M4, setting the stage for their inevitable rematch. Both teams fought their way to the top, battling some of the best teams from around the world. 

At the Grand Finals, Echo played aggressively, not allowing Blacklist International to recover, leading to a 4-0 final turnout. The winning team masterfully utilised some of the most powerful combos played in the tournament’s history. From the stress-inducing drafting phase to the high-pressure team fights, Echo was relentless through and through. Blacklist International was almost always on the defensive during those four games, trying to weather the storm of Echo’s relentless aggression.

After the announcement of the winning team, Benedict “Bennyqt” Gonzales was hailed as the Final MVP for this year’s tournament. With his performance in the game, he is now recognised as one of the best gold laners in the MLBB international gaming scene. His fellow teammate Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno also made a milestone of his own as being the first two-time World Championship winner in the history of the game. KarlTzy won his first championship as a member of Bren Esports during the M2 World Championships held in Singapore.

Echo Reveals Their Pick for the M4 Championship Skin

Echo Team Members MLBB

While it was an epic fight between the two powerhouse teams from the Philippines, it’s now time to look forward to what’s next for the team and the rest of the MLBB community. As it is a tradition in every MLBB World Championship, the winning team gets to choose which hero will receive the customised Echo-branded M4 skin. Aside from their $300K winnings, this is the cherry on top of the cake for Echo.

The team revealed that their chosen hero would be Chou, one of the most popular fighter-class heroes in the game. According to Echo star roamer Tristan “YAWI” Cabrera, it was a team decision. “Because Chou isn’t solely for one role, and we can all use it, it can be played in any role,” Cabrera said in an interview.

M5 Championships and 2023 Events Announced

MLBB Chou Thunderfist Skin

With the successful and epic conclusion of M4, it was announced that the Philippines will be the next host of the M5 Championship to be held in December 2023. After four cycles of the series, the MPL will finally be held in the Philippines, where the world’s best Mobile Legends players will battle it out for the championship.

MPL Season 11 starts right after M4, and the official tournaments will commence in Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Brazil, and other countries. This year’s slate of MLBB eSports events includes the North America Challenger Tournaments (NACT), the SEA Games, as well the Regional Leagues. These events will go from February through May.

Over the course of 12 months, we’ll have quite a loaded calendar of events for the MLBB eSports scene. There’s also the MSC 2023 in June, followed by the World Cyber Games in July. The National Leagues will run from August to October. To top it all off, we will have the M5 Championships in December.

The M4 World Championship was definitely a huge success, and it has set the stage for further growth of the MLBB community in the eSports scene. With a full slate of tournaments in different countries, there’s something for everyone. The MLBB community is looking forward to seeing what the next season will bring.


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