Luo Yi, Yin Yang Geomancer | Teleport Combo


Luo Yi Yin Yang Mage

If you’ve mastered Lunox and Kagura, Luo Yi should be your next goal! This new Yin-Yang hero is a close range burst mage with exceptionally high damage capabilities but somewhat vulnerable.

Hero Skills

Luo Yi’s first skill Dispersion is her primary damage skill that will cast a Yin or Yang energy wave and deal damage to all enemies in a fan shaped area around the target hit. Her second skill, Rotation summons Fire of Yang or Aqua of Yin in a designated area dealing continuous damage and their stack refreshes! It’s a great wave clearing tool that helps clear minions quickly.

Everytime when the mark on a target is changed from Yin to Yang or vice versa, she gains a shield and short burst of movement speeds. Luo Yi’s Ulti, Diversion is one of its kind in MLBB and serves as a strategic weapon . She creates a teleport circle around herself and any allied heroes in the circle will be sent to a safe zone in 3s. The teleport range increases with her skill level. This skill alone brings ganking to a whole new level because as long as Luo Yi is in the game, their enemies will never know how many of you are coming.

Yin-Yang Mage

With the launch of this new hero, Luo Yi’s new skin costs only 50 Diamonds! So make sure you recharge your Diamonds on Codashop (click here) and try out this new Mage for free on Mobile Legends.


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