Honkai: Star Rail Preview – Everything We Know so Far


Honkai Star Rail Game Preview

Looks like the HoYoverse hype train is only getting started! After the success of Honkai Impact 3rd, Genshin Impact, and Tears of Themis, HoYoverse still has a lot up its sleeves. Right now, they’re gearing up for the release of their next title–Honkai: Star Rail. This new addition to the game developer’s library of video game hits will set the turn-based RPG genre on fire with its amazing visuals, exciting gameplay, and a story like no other. Since the game’s launch is just around the corner, let’s dive deep into what we know so far about Honkai: Star Rail and what you can expect once it launches.

The Latest Turn-Based RPG from HoYoverse

As mentioned earlier, Honkai: Star Rail is the newest game set to be released by HoYoverse that focuses on a different genre. Instead of the usual action RPG or open world setup, Honkai: Star Rail is a tactical RPG, utilising turn-based gameplay designed to emphasize strategy and decision-making. While both Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd remains to be the company’s flagship titles, Honkai: Star Rail offers something different. If you’re a fan of the Persona or Final Fantasy games and you love the signature anime art style of HoYoverse’s games, then Honkai: Star Rail is a must-play for you.

There’s little to no barrier to entry when playing Honkai: Star Rail. It’s a free-to-play game that you can easily get on as long as you have a mobile device or PC. You can enjoy the exhilarating turn-based gameplay with incredible visuals and a robust gacha system to keep you invested.

The Story

Honkai: Star Rail is an epic space adventure set in a futuristic world that’s part of HoYoverse’s interconnected multiverse. It’s essentially the 4th installment in the Honkai series of games and is set after the events of Honkai Impact 3rd. While Honkai: Star Rail is technically a sequel of Honkai Impact 3rd, in terms of the story, it’s more of a spin-off with some subtle connections to its predecessor. You’ll see some familiar faces in the game, but they are completely different characters than the ones you may have seen in other HoYoverse titles.

Long-time fans of Honkai Impact 3rd that have played the Post-Honkai Odyssey expansion will notice some connected concepts about the creatures known as Honkai as well as the cosmic and universal forces that control these worlds. However, the world of Honkai: Star Rail is set in a completely different universe with different characters, and you can jump into the story with zero knowledge of the previous games.

The Game Mechanics

Honkai: Star Rail will feature a unique turn-based system that gives players the freedom to control their own team of heroes in a variety of tactical battles. Players will build their own team of heroes and must use their strategic skills to outsmart their opponents. Whenever you’re in combat, you’ll be in control of four different characters in your team. You can utilise their abilities and attack your opponents directly or use supporting skills to help you achieve victory in battle.

Honkai: Star Rail characters are divided into classes called “paths”, which are specialised roles that each character has. Each path has its own unique abilities, and you’ll need to use their strengths and weaknesses to your advantage. They also have their own elements similar to the element system in Genshin Impact. To better understand the game mechanics, here are some terms you will encounter when playing the game:

  • Relics – Relics are basically what Artifacts are to Genshin Impact. They’re practically pieces of equipment that grant your characters special bonuses, like extra health points or increased damage. 
  • Stellar Jade – These are a form of premium currency for Honkai: Star Rail. They’re practically this game’s own version of primogems, which is the premium currency in Genshin Impact.
  • Star Rail Pass – Of course, Honkai: Star Rail won’t be complete without its own gacha system that runs on Star Rail Passes. These are items that you use to gain new characters in the game.
  • Light Cones – In Honkai: Star Rail, weapons are called Light Cones, which can be equipped to your characters. There are different kinds of Light Cones in the game, and they can all be equipped to any of your characters. However, equipping a Light Cone that matches your character’s Path will grant them the ability to use the weapon’s Light Cone Ability as well as bonus stats.
  • Paths – These are character classes that define the stats and abilities of each character in Honkai: Star Rail. In other games, you may have Tanks, DPS, and Healers. In Honkai: Star Rail, characters belong to Paths, such as The Preservation, The Destruction, The Hunt, and more.

Is Honkai: Star Rail an Open World Game?

Yes and no. Yes, you can freely explore the regions in Honkai: Star Rail with your characters. However, it’s not a seamless open world like in Genshin Impact. Instead, you need to load into each area in a given region when playing the game’s story. You’ll experience a mixture of exploration, story missions, unique encounters, and side quests designed to challenge and reward you.

When Will Honkai: Star Rail be Available to Play?

Honkai Star Rail Banner
Image credit: Honkai: Star Rail

The game is set to release on April 26, 2023 and will be available on the Epic Games Store for PC players, and the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for mobile players. A Playstation port of the game is still in the works with no confirmed release date yet. So, if you’re that excited to play the game, then you can go on and pre-register for it on the game’s official website. Once the game is released, you’ll be able to receive some pre-registration rewards to help you start your journey in Honkai: Star Rail.

PC and Mobile Requirements

To make sure you can play the game come launch date, you need to make sure you have a device that can run the game smoothly. Here are the minimum and recommended requirements for Honkai: Star Rail:

System PC Android iOS
Minimum Processor: Intel® Core™ i5

Memory: 8 GM RAM

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or better

Storage: 15 GB available space

Snapdragon 835, Dimensity 720, Kirin 810, or better iPhone: iPhone 8P, iPhone X, or better

iPad: Apple A12 processor or better (October 2018 model or better – the operating system must be at least iOS 12)

Recommended Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 Processor

Memory: 8 GM RAM

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or better

Storage: 15 GB available space

Snapdragon 855, Kirin 990, Dimensity 1000, or better iPhone: iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or better

iPad: Apple A12 processor or better (October 2018 model or better – the operating system must be at least iOS 12)


As the release of Honkai: Star Rail draws near, there’s a lot of anticipation in the air. Judging by the official website’s numbers, there are already more than 5 million users who have pre-registered for the game, and this number is expected to grow even more. Stay tuned for more updates about the game through the Codashop Blog!



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