Diablo Immortal Multiplayer Guide


Diablo Immortal Multiplayer GuideDiablo Immortal features a robust multiplayer experience in its genre (Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role-Playing Game or MMOARPG). Players can chat with other players, join Warbands, create clans, or just play with friends without committing to the bonus experience of adventuring. In this article, we will look at the multiplayer gameplay in Diablo Immortal and all that it offers to players.

Multiplayer Basics: How To Join Clans, Warbands, and Raids

The Diablo franchise popularized and influenced the ARPG in the late 1990s, and among its features that are still implemented to this day is online multiplayer. Back in the early days of Diablo, up to eight players could group together and clear dungeons. This system is implemented in Diablo Immortal through the Warband and incentivized in Clans, Rifts, and Raids. While playing solo is still viable in Diablo Immortal, the game’s social aspect gives players a rewarding experience. For instance, joining a Clan or a Warband gives bonus experience points when members of your Clan or Warband join your quests.

To join a Warband, you must finish the Wortham tutorial quest. Upon exiting Wortham Chapel and entering the main quests in the Sanctuary, a splash screen will appear, informing players they have unlocked the Warband feature. We have an extensive guide to learning more about Warbands: “What Is A Warband?”

The Clans feature becomes unlocked after finishing the quest “Opening the Way”, which is available once you reach Level 30. To join a Clan, you must go to the Adventurer tab in the Main Menu and look for “Clan”. A list of available Clans will show up. Take note that you can apply to any Clan you want since a Clan officer needs to approve your application.

The difference between a Clan and a Warband is that a Warband is a spiritual successor of how the old Diablo games are played: with a small party doing dungeon raids together. Inversely, a Clan has bigger membership (up to 100), and not everyone participates in it.

An important part of joining a Warband or a Clan is that you can join Warband or Clan members and form a raid party. Players rarely have this opportunity when solo questing, as some dungeons might be difficult to clear alone.

While I play solo quests, for the most part, I have joined a Warband and Clan to future-proof my games. I highly suggest doing the same in your journey.

You can also join parties or a small group of players who have banded together for a particular time. To do this, 

How to Add Friends

Diablo Immortal Add Friend 2

Adding friends in Diablo Immortal is easy. Just go to the Main Menu and select Friends. On the topmost part of the Friends screen, you can search your friends using the format “Username” and their tag denoted by the number/pound/hash sign (#). So, for example, Space Bacon #xxxxx with the x denoting the unique gamer tag included with their username, usually a string of numbers. Some of your friends in your BattleNet account may show up in your friends’ list. But this does not mean that they have the game.

Diablo Immortal Add Friend

Multiplayer Game Modes: 

While there aren’t new game modes when you team up, the available game modes that are fun when played with a team are the Challenge Rift, Elder Rift, and the various dungeons and hidden lairs peppered around the vast world of Sanctuary. You can also team up with random players to finish some main or side quests together. When teamed up, loot is shared between the party members; compare that to non-party members dealing the final blow to a monster and having them get the loot while you get nothing.

The Challenge and Elder Rifts are found in Westmarch. The difference between the two Rifts is that the Elder Rift grants runes and Legendary Gems as rewards while the Challenge Rift is meant to be progressive, currently with ten levels of increased difficulty; the quantity of the rewards for the Challenge Rift is different per level.

Try out some Rifts with a party, and you’ll gain benefits. Speaking of which…

Benefits of Playing With A Party

There are benefits to playing Diablo Immortal with a party. Some are conditional, and some are somewhat fixed. Here are the benefits of playing with a party.

  • A full party gives each player bonus experience points.
  • Competing Rifts will grant more rewards like Fading Embers because of the Crests being supplied.
  • There is also an extra 5% chance increase of loot drops when playing with 3 or more players if you have joined or created a Warband.
  • Of course, a party can clear dungeons faster than a solo adventurer.


Now that you know Diablo Immortal’s multiplayer system, it’s time to group up and clear the game together. Remember to have fun and always hydrate.

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