Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Class Build Guide


Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Guide

Diablo Immortal was released in June 2022, and with it came six classes. Among these was the Demon Hunter, a ranged DPS with the knack of catching their enemies unaware with their traps. This class is well-equipped to destroy demon hordes easily, thanks to its excellent DPS capabilities that outperform most other classes.

This guide will break down the optimal Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter build, including the traits, abilities, gear, and gems you should use.

What is the Demon Hunter Class?

The lore goes as follows: the Demon Hunter is driven by revenge and set out on a journey to destroy demons at any cost. This class uses ranged weapons, traps, and shadow magic to take down their foes.

Because the Demon Hunter is designed to strike from a distance, your playstyle should revolve around circling adversaries at range while employing your attacks to damage as many targets as possible. Try to clump foes and always search for paths through the demon hordes to avoid being bogged down in a group of adversaries, as Demon Hunters don’t have a huge health pool.

Demon Hunter In-Game


Crossbow Shot

This is the Demon Hunter’s Primary Skill. While traveling at a slower speed, you can shoot piercing arrows for 308 damage.

Daring Swing

This skill enables the Demon Hunter to swing across the battlefield while continuing to discharge arrows at creatures. You can have a maximum of 2 charges.


Multishot is an Demon Hunter skill that, unlike its predecessor, boosts damage when compared to a single shot. It is based on the Amazon skill from Diablo II.

Rain of Vengeance

This skill allows the Demon Hunter to rain down arrows from the sky, delivering 34 damage for continuously for several seconds.


This skill allows the Demon Hunter to spin rapidly while traveling at reduced speed, firing in all directions and causing 38 damage. When foes are attacked several times, the damage is lessened.

Unleash Hatred

The Demon Hunter fires a magical energy bolt that delivers 105 damage and pushes foes back. Enemies who hit any obstacles will get stunned.

Ultimate: Bullet Rain

For a short time, the crossbow shot is enhanced. It now shoots a volley of several arrows and gains increased movement speed.

Best Build

The Bolt of Vengeance Demon Hunter build is the greatest Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter build. This focuses on sheer DPS, which can wreak havoc on enemy masses from afar.

Best Attribute

It’s best to prioritize Strength since the Demon Hunter is a DPS that does not use magic. Strength would increase the damage dealt by all your attacks, so you’ll want this stat to get as high as possible.

Your next priority would be Vitality since Demon Hunters have a low HP pool compared to other classes. It would also boost your Offence and Defence ratings, which will increase overall damage and reduce damage taken from enemies, respectively.

Fortitude comes next, as this stat would allow the Demon Hunter to deal even more damage while boosting Armor and Armor Penetration stats.

Best Skills

Crossbow Shot

(unlocked at level 1)

Crossbow Shot is the strongest Primary Skill for this Demon Hunter setup since you can use Legendary Gear to improve its damage while remaining mobile.


(unlocked at level 1)

Multishot is one of the best skills as a Demon Hunter. While much of that power comes from Legendary Gear that modifies the effects of Multishot, the ability to do massive damage to groups of foes rather than a single target makes the Demon Hunter immensely strong. Multishot can also store up to three charges at once, ensuring that it is always available when you need it.

Rain of Vengeance

(unlocked at level 3)

Rain of Vengeance is another early Demon Hunter skill, and this is where you’ll get your best means of crowd control. It launches a barrage of arrows upon opposing hordes, doing massive damage. When used in conjunction with the Hailstone Shoulders, it additionally inflicts the Frost effect, slowing foes in that region. This lets you command the battlefield and quickly slash through swaths of demonspawn.


(unlocked at level 41)

Impale is another powerful crowd control skill that works well together with Rain of Vengeance. First, use Rain of Vengeance to damage and slow down a group of spawns before using Impale to rain down knives on them. This increases your damage potential and allows you to pick off any survivors with your Crossbow Shot.


(unlocked at level 50)

Vengeance is the final talent you’ll learn as a Demon Hunter, and it’s undoubtedly the best. For 6 seconds, Vengeance alters your Demon Hunter, causing every Primary Attack to discharge two more arrows for greater damage. You may utilize your Multishot and Rain of Vengeance talents at the outset of a fight, then follow up with Vengeance to boost the damage of your standard Crossbow Shot so that even your Primary Skill causes huge damage.

Best Gear

Demon Hunter Equipment

Gear plays a vital role in your build since it boosts your overall stats. Suppose you have reached End Game, and you’re starting to collect Legendary Gear. In that case, you can get unique effects that transform your abilities, alter your abilities for increased damage, and add status effects to your enemies.

It’s also important to note that you should look for pieces with high roles in your main attributes: Strength, Vitality, and Fortitude.


  • Head: Cowl of Focused Hatred
  • Chest: Heart of Vengeance
  • Shoulders: Hailstone Shoulders
  • Legs: Coff’s Unrelenting Fury
  • Main Weapons: Flamespite
  • Off-Hand Weapon: The Hungerer


  • Head: Boundless Ingenuity
  • Chest: Heart of Vengeance
  • Shoulders: Hailstone Shoulders
  • Legs: Coff’s Unrelenting Fury
  • Main Weapons: Breath of Winter
  • Off-Hand Weapon: The Hungerer

Best Gear Set

The War Rags of Shal’baas is the best gear set for the Demon Hunter class since its increases attack damage of your Primary Skill and boost your attack speed. This gear set provides the following benefits:

  • 2 Set Item: Primary Attack Damage increased by 15%.
  • 4 Set Item: Primary Attacks gradually increase Attack Speed up to 25%.
  • 6 Set Item: Primary Attacks have a chance of increasing Attack Speed for 10 seconds. This effect will only occur every 30 seconds.

Best Gems

    • Blood-Soaked Jade: Increases your overall damage by up to 8% and your movement speed by 10%. The damage bonus is proportional to your Life stat.
    • Seeping Bile: Your strikes have a 4% chance of poisoning opponents, dealing 25% basic damage + 263 per second for 6 seconds. If the victim dies, the poison spreads to neighboring opponents.
    • Fervent Fang: When you damage an adversary, that enemy receives 0.8% more damage from your strikes. This may be used up to ten times on the same adversary.
  • Chained Death: Increases the damage of your strikes by 1.5% for each target struck. This can be stacked up to three times at once.
  • Ca’arsen’s Invigoration: Increases your Primary Skill’s speed by 5.5%.
  • Seled’s Weakening: After slaying an elite monster, you will get 6% more damage for 60 seconds.

To discover these Legendary Gems quickly, you need to know more about Diablo Immortal’s Elder Rifts and Legendary Crests. The list of legendary gems above comprises a mix of the best gems in Diablo Immortal, although finding them all will be difficult. The greatest Legendary Gems are notoriously tough to obtain unless you spend money in Diablo Immortal, so don’t expect to get all of these if you play for free.

In contrast to Legendary Gear, which may use any Legendary Gem in any slot, each item of the War Rags of Shal’baas set exclusively accepts certain gem colors. We recommend using Tourmaline in any Red slot to boost Damage, Sapphire in any Blue position to increase Armor Penetration, and Topaz in any Yellow slot to improve Resistance.

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