Call of Duty: Mobile: Best and Optimal Loadout for LAPA



Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 introduces football legends Paul Pogba, Lionel Messi, and Neymar Jr. as Operators. Along with the new Operators is the new submachine gun (SMG) called LAPA, which can be obtained by all players at Tier 21 of this season’s Battle Pass. The LAPA SMG is an excellent close to mid-range SMG with low recoil and exceptional bullet spread (vertical and horizontal travel of bullets after three or more shots). However, the stock LAPA will not suffice for a lot of players. Leveling up the weapon after getting kills and Weapon XP cards will help unlock the best and optimal loadout for the LAPA SMG. In this article, we will look at 2 loadouts for the LAPA. [Note: “Loadout” is a set of attachments for a specific weapon. “Attachment” is the individual parts that make up a loadout.]

Optimal Loadout for LAPA SMG

For the optimal loadout, we chose an extended range barrel, a back stock that decreases sprint-to-fire delay, a fast reload perk and magazine, and a grip tape that reduces aim down sight (ADS) time. There will be some compromises with some of the attachments, but the trade-off will somewhat be offset.

LAPA Optimal loadout

  1. Barrel: 12.4” Cavalry Lancer – This barrel adds around 25% of LAPA’s effective range while also dealing 88% damage to vehicles. For maps with vehicles scattered, like Crossfire and Crash, having that extra damage to vehicles can give exciting frags. However, this attachment also gives a 3% movement speed decrease, a 15% ADS movement speed decrease, and a 6% ADS time increase. The trade-off between the additional range and movement speed will be offset by the other attachments in this list.
  2. Stock: Marathon Stock – This back stock gives a 10% decrease to sprint-to-fire delay. This means you can immediately fire the LAPA after sprinting.
  3. Ammunition/Magazine: AX Primer Short Mag – Choosing this magazine above the rest of the choices in this category may be senseless due to it having 5 bullets less than stock. And the stock LAPA does not have that much to begin with (25 bullet magazine capacity). However, the idea of this particular magazine is to make players holding the LAPA to be more proactive in their plays. Paired with the Vulture Green Perk, to be explained later, this makes moving around the map to gain more ammo the primary playstyle. 

Buffs to ADS Time (7% decrease), reload speed (20% decrease), and bullet speed (33% increase) makes up for the decreased magazine capacity.

  1. Rear Grip: Rustle Grip Tape– The only attachment that does not have a debuff, the Rustle Grip Tape gives a 15% decrease to ADS time. This alone offsets the ADS time increase of the 12.4” Cavalry Lancer barrel.
  2. Perk: Sleight of Hand – This classic Perk complements the buffs from the AX Primer Short Mag while also providing a safety net in case players forget how little the magazine capacity of the LAPA is. This can be replaced with a good underbarrel like the Striker Foregrip that offsets the movement and ADS movement speed debuff of the 12.4” Cavalry Lancer barrel. 

Best Loadout for LAPA SMG

This may sound counter-intuitive since optimal and best are two sides of the same coin. However, to make it the “best” loadout, there should be close-to-zero compromises to the attachments, meaning there should be little debuffs from the attachments while maintaining the core playstyle of dealing great damage from close to medium range.

LAPA Best Loadout

  1. Muzzle: Agency Suppressor – Having a silenced weapon is an excellent tactical asset in a fast-paced game like CODM. Aside from having a silencer, this Agency Suppressor also gives a 10% vertical recoil decrease.
  2. Stock: Marathon Stock – Being able to fire after sprinting and be stealthy with it can surprise enemies.
  3. Ammunition/Magazine: Large Extended Mag B – This magazine gives 20 additional bullets but increases ADS and reload time by 15% each. However, the next two attachments will offset the debuffs.
  4. Rear Grip: Rustle Grip Tape – This offsets the ADS time debuff of the Large Extended Mag B completely.
  5. Perk: Sleight of Hand – This offsets the reload time debuff of the Large Extended Mag B completely.

Perks and Equipment

To complement the loadouts, we will list one set of Perks and Equipment loadout for the LAPA SMG.

  1. Red Perk: Lightweight – This Perk gives a 5% increase in sprint speed and reduces damage to falls.
  2. Green Perk: Vulture – This is an essential Perk for any assault and close-quarter combat playstyle, and the LAPA SMG will benefit from this Perk because every kill will reward players with ammo. Very essential for a small magazine capacity gun like the LAPA SMG.
  3. Blue Perk: Dead Silence – Being lightweight and not making a sound is one of the playstyles of the Call Of Duty franchise. Dead Silence allows players to suppress their walking and crouching sounds while running makes the sound spread distance shorter. Really great for stealthy kills.
  4. Lethal Equipment: Trip Mine – One of our favorite Lethal Equipment because it catches enemies by surprise, especially in tight corners. It can be replaced with a Sticky Grenade. But we prefer the Trip Mine better.
  5. Tactical Equipment: Cryo Bomb – This is a great Tactical Equipment to immobilize enemies and go for the kill. 

How to Unlock LAPA SMG

How to unlock LAPA

All players will get the LAPA SMG for free after completing Tier 21 of this season’s Battle Pass. Weapon upgrades and attachments listed here may be obtained by either using the weapon or through Weapon XP cards.



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