Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile


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Admit it, when you’re in a field with 99 crazed shooters going on a free-for-all deathmatch, hiding behind trees and houses just would not cut it. When the only rule is to be the last man standing, you need a stockpile of versatile arsenal to fend off foes seriously vying for chicken dinner.

To stand a chance of not being the first frag, put aside that frying pan for a moment, unless it’s holstered at your back for protection. Assault and shotgun rifles plus SMGs should be your go-to options.

Since you can only carry a limited amount of gear including 2 primary weapons, 1 pistol, 1 melee weapon and trusty grenades, we’ve categorized a weaponry guide to help you pick the best.

Assault Rifles
Ammo: 5.56
Range: 100-600

If recoil control is not your thing, pick this one. Spray enemies with solid damage with its easy recoil control. Its 5 attachment slots: magazine, muzzle, stock and rail attachments make it more stable and comfy to use. It has 2 fire modes – full-auto and single-shot which allows you to use it as a sniper. Finally, its decent fire rate makes it a preferred AR.

Ammo: 7.62
Range: 100-400

First thing you need to know is that this beast of a gun needs a considerable amount of practice to master its bidding. For a fully automatic rifle using 7.62mm bullet, the AKM is capable of inflicting higher damage at 48. Bullet capacity is at 30 without an extended magazine and 40 with an attachment. It has fairly manageable recoil, so you need to practice more.

Ammo: 5.56
Range: 100-600
This is an underrated weapon in PUBG, with good stability, bullet damage (41) and low recoil. It has 2 modes: single shot and burst. It’s one of the best sniper rifles, albeit being under the AR category. Get the right attachments like a Compensator, Q. Ext Mag for reload speed, Red Dot Sight (close range) and a 6x scope (long-range) and it will pay dividends the entire game.

Ammo: 5.56
Range: 100-600

If you opt to use the SCAR-L for close to medium range encounters, this one’s pretty good to spray down enemies. Its auto-fire is great with a fire rate of 0.096s. You can also pair it with most AR attachments available.  All in all, the SCAR-L is a fine weapon with good stability, light recoil and easy mastery.

Sniper Rifles
Ammo: .300
Range: 100-1000

Let’s begin with the best, the Arctic Warfare Magnum, or simply AWM. This gem is available via rare drops from an airdrop crate. It has intense firepower with its lethal .300 magnum shots capable of 132 damage. Just one headshot on an unarmored victim and its game over. This monster features an impressive range starting from 100 going up to 1000. All hail the king.

Karabiner 98 Kurz (KAR98k)
Ammo: 7.62
Range: 100-600

Consider the KAR98k the runner-up to king AWM. Find one across the map and in airdop crates. The kark is a GG gun highly suited for long distances with its accuracy and can definitely one-shot a player of full health with rank 2 helmet. With three attachments available, the must-cop includes a Suppressor, a Bullet Loop and 8x Scope.

Ammo: 12 Gauge
Range: 25-25

Consider the S12K one of the best shotguns in PUBG. Its best asset is for squad wiping your opponents, especially in an urban area. It deals 22 damage and has a semi-automatic fire mode. Its rapid rate of fire will make your enemies think twice coming near you. Get an extended mag to add 5 more bullets and reduce reload time.

Ammo: 12 Gauge
Range: 25-25

So, you think you can’t miss? Then make this double-barrel your new best friend. It can shoot 2 rounds at once making it the most lethal weapon for close range. Use a Choke and Shotgun Bullet Loops to get this baby the best loadout. Recommended for solo games.

Submachine Guns
Ammo: 9mm
Range: 100-300

A stalwart in the SMG category, the UMP9 is the Uzi’s big bro with better shooting range. This badass can fire 30 bullets per mag and is obtainable via Ground Loots. Take it with you during close and medium-range combat and it will prove very effective with its high fire rate and mobility.

Tommy Gun
Ammo: .45
Range: 100-200

Bring out the mobster feels with this hard-hitter and arguably, one of the most powerful SMGs in the game. It shoots .45 rounds and is best suited for close range encounters if you’re an expert. Too bad you can’t attach any scope in it.

Ammo: 9mm
Range: 25-25
When you have no other gun choice, bring out your pistol. The good things about the P18C include: high magazine capacity at 17 and the highest fire rate among the entire subcategory.

Melee – Pan

Of course, this is an honorable mention. The cast-iron skillet, when holstered, is a very effective rear protection with its bulletproof capability. Call it more than a genius; the Frying Pan can literally save your life.

Take your pick, choose weapons that fit your play style, practice harder and consider purchasing weapon skins when you top up on PUBG mobile.



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