What is Shotcalling in MLBB?


MLBB Shotcalling

Have you heard of ‘Shotcalling’? Most of us may not be that familiar with it unless we are avid fans of esports tournaments like that of MLBB. Professional players frequently use this term to describe someone who directs the team during the game. Shotcalling is crucial, especially for those who want to increase their ranks and top the playing field. It makes the game more competitive and well-planned and helps pave the way to dominate the game. Here is a guide to mastering shot-calling and understanding how it works. 

What is Shotcalling?

The person who does the shot-calling pertains to the “team captain.” They direct the team on where to go and attack. However, it’s not always the case. Sometimes the team gets to have two (2) shot callers but not more than that, as it would confuse the group if so many were calling the shots. Shot calling is done to make the game competitive and discipline each attack where it is well-planned and strategized. 

The person who is more experienced and not only excellent at strategizing but someone who has a broad spectrum of using MLBB heroes usually gets to do the shot calling. Given that they are well-versed with every hero that may come their way, they know how to work and counter other heroes. Hence, no matter the opponent’s counter-strategy, shot callers can thwart and dominate the game.

One of the best shot callers in MLBB today is Blacklist International’s Johnmar Villaluna, aka OhMyV33nus, from the Philippines. Their team has won several high-profile MLBB pro tournaments, including MPL-PH, M3, and the gold medal in the 2022 Hanoi SEA Games. V33nus has a broad knowledge of MLBB heroes and strategies. That is why many strategies are being tested against him. Not only can he dominate the game by mastering the heroes and their strategy, but given his experience, he can anticipate the moves of their opponents to defeat them.

How shot-call in a match

Everyone can be a shot-caller, even if it’s not on a professional level, as having one will help you and the whole team to execute better plays and help them to rank higher. Here is the guide for shot-calling. 

Master the game

You cannot direct a game without knowing how the game works. It would be best if you understand what happens on the battlefield. Know when specific heroes have their peak during the game. There is a perfect timing of when to ambush, attack the Lord, split up, and so on. Winning the game is not about having the most kills but destroying your enemy’s base. There are limitations to your teammates’ skills and heroes’ skillset, which is one of the things to consider when mastering the game. 

Tank, Support, or Core

Knowing what kind of hero, instead of mastering specific types of heroes, enables one to call the shot. Tank, support, and core heroes are the ones who are more familiar with the battlefield map as they often roam around and jungle. It is easier for them to navigate and strategize on the battlefield. Unlike Gold and EXP laners, they mostly focus on their lane and seldom roam or jungle. So, if you want to be a shot caller, master these types of heroes to take control of the battlefield and the gameplay.

Build your gameplay confidence

Team members usually follow those who are confident with their game strategy. They all want to win the same as you, so they wouldn’t risk trusting someone’s command who doesn’t even know their capabilities. Aside from knowing the gameplay and the battlefield, it is better to know what you bring to the table. Being confident will also help you become more assertive, creating that commanding persona that your teammates can follow and rely on.

Communicate with the team

Communicating with the team from time to time during the game is vital in strategizing. By sending signals or a quick chat, it would be great to inform the team regarding your next move if your mic is not turned on. It is also better to communicate with them when to ambush your enemy or when to retreat. This would help your team, especially the frontliners, not to attack when everyone is retreating, leaving them to get ambushed. 

Set objectives and plans

Setting small objectives and different strategies if things don’t go well would help your team on the battlefield. Your choices of heroes may not have the best dynamics together, and when going into an ambush may not be a great idea, but stopping your opponent’s killing streak is a must to inhibit them from gaining more gold and EXP. So let’s say your team cannot defeat your opponent when they are going into a group of 5, then you can set a plan only to attack them when they’re only a group of 2 or 3. In that way, you get to kill and ambush them, yet you also get to move into your next objective – attacking the rest of the team or pushing forward. 

Importance of Shotcalling

Shotcalling may seem like just having someone command the team. But no, shotcalling is vital to mobilize the team into having a strategy where everyone is looped and working together to defeat the opponent. Here are the benefits of shotcalling. 

Disciplined game

Having a shot caller makes the gameplay neater and, at the same time, more organized while keeping everyone busy in pushing, jungling, clearing up the lanes, and ambushing the opponents. It utilizes the hero’s capabilities and the players themselves without having someone hoard all the buffs or steal kills.

MLBB Estes Rattan Dragon

Strategized gameplay

Game strategies in MLBB are crucial as it depicts whether the team will win or lose, even at the last minute of play. Heroes are built differently, and so are the ones who are playing. Knowing the dynamics, whether the team is stronger in the early game or mid-to-late, is essential that shot callers consider when strategizing. Usually, if the heroes are at their best during the early game, the shot caller devises gameplay to push and gain gold and EXP as early as possible. This ensures that there would be no room for the opponents to get stronger, and the team can end the match early to secure the win.

Utilize heroes’ skills and capabilities

Having someone who gets to strategize and direct the team while keeping the pool of heroes makes it easier to ensure each hero’s skills and abilities are being utilized correctly. It means the assassin or support can dominate the game without being the core or the marksman. It makes winning easier this way.

Mobilize heroes

Shot callers directing the team where to go and attack make it easier for each and everyone to get coordinated. Keeping lanes clear is more manageable as everyone is working together. It also ensures that none of the heroes are “unfairly dominating” the game, where they only roam just to hoard gold and EXP, keeping their teammates from leveling up and getting stronger. 

Higher chance of winning

Summing up the points taken, we can conclude that shot callers dictate the winning probability of the team. Having someone highly skilled, even if it’s not a pro game, makes it beneficial for the team to execute better plays to rank higher and achieve their own personal MLBB goals. It also makes it easier for players to team up, especially if their team dynamics are excellent.

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