Top 10 MLBB Core Heroes to try in Season 26


MLBB Best Core Heroes

From relishing fast-paced gameplay to ultra convenience, the ever-changing Meta in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has made the game enjoyable over the years. Future patches make fresher and, often, better changes to particular heroes, items, battle spells, and maps that make the gameplay different per season.

ML’s Season 26, or version 1.7.20, introduced new heroes for the meta. At the height of players’ trial and error in the roster, choosing the most suitable core hero based on specific game skills is quite challenging. But with enough research and practice, anyone can change the course of the game using the list below. Read more to see our top 10 MLBB best core heroes

First, the list is divided into two based on the game’s two types of Core: Utility and Damage. 

Utility core type

Players use utility core heroes as tanks and fighters, intending to sustain in jungling, team fights, and taking the objective. They are responsible for giving buffs and act as front liners to protect their respective carry. 

Akai (Tank/Support)


Tank hero Akai can be used as a core as he can sustain himself in the jungle because of his shield. And with his kit that consists of CCs (crowd control), he can obtain objectives quickly. 

Barats (Tank/Fighter)


Like Akai, Barats can sustain himself in the jungle, and his kit will be advantageous in taking objective prio (priority). In team fights, Barats’ ultimate can break the enemy team’s formation.

Balmond (Fighter)

Balmond is a fighter/tank that has the ability to clear jungle creeps  quickly because of his second skill called Cyclone Sweep, which good players sometimes would use his ultimate to combo with the retribution skill to ensure the objective. 

Thamuz (Fighter)

MLBB Thamuz Profile

Just like Balmond, Thamuz’s sustain is insane, making him one of the most complex heroes to kill in ML. As a utility core, he can take objectives fast because of this kit. Building him with tank items makes him a hard shell to crack, as he is also an initiator in team fights with this type of build. 

Damage core type

The second, or mostly known type of Core, is the Damage type. It is what you perceive as the hyper-carry of the game and, therefore, can guarantee you and the team a massive victory. Here are the top 6 Meta heroes for this category.

Ling (Assassin)


If you remember in the last season, Utility Core was the game’s Meta because of the buffed jungle emblem. Now in S26, Ling was revived with lowered cooldowns but increased base energy regen.

So, by equipping the jungle emblem, you will notice his precise speed will get faster, especially when obtaining objectives faster than the enemy. Like other assassins, Ling is super agile, making good plays that would leave your enemies confused on how fast your pacing would be. 

Paquito (Fighter)

MLBB Paquito Underground Boxer

Paquito’s combos can instantly make enemies disappear, and his snowball potential could mean an easy victory for the team. However, you need to have the proper skill set and patience to utilise all of his skills for these damaging effects to work. 

Karina (Assassin)

MLBB Karina Gemini Halo

Karina is an OP assassin because of her kit. She can counter marksmen and mages, as well as delete enemies in under a second using her high burst damage. She can make a quick dive into enemy lines and get out alive.

Fanny (Assassin)

MLBB Fanny Blade of Kibou

Just like Ling, Fanny was buffed in the previous patch. If your Core is excellent mechanically, Fanny can invade the enemy jungle as early as Level 2. This assassin would have enough damage to burst you under the two-minute mark.

Julian (Fighter/Mage)

MLBB Julian

Because of his passive, Julian is an OP hero with many combos that you can do with severe damage. In fact, he further proves his worthy character despite entering the late game with his excellent CC. Trust us, a bit of good CC goes a long way in the late game.

Aamon (Assassin)

MLBB Aamon Night Edge

Apart from being one of the top core heroes ML, Aamon is a must-try loyal hero not only in this S26 but in 2022. This assassin features a unique and game-changing kit that allows him to disappear after landing his skills. Once done, enemies can’t easily target him, and instead, he can recover 25+5% of his lost HP and gain an additional 60% Movement Speed that decreases for 4 seconds.

The Meta of MLBB will always revolve around getting ahead in gold and exp. Players would create new playstyles to help them clear waves, defeat monsters, and attain objectives easier each season. As buffs, debuffs, and adjustments come and go, players will always find a way to incorporate the fast-paced playstyle they are used to.

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